Pensthorpe Adventures!

Pensthorpe Adventures!

We’ve been thoroughly making the most of our annual passes for Pensthorpe Natural Park and visiting all weathers. I love that we just have them and can go when we like as opposed to having to plan for it, choose the best day weather wise and maximise our stay to get our money’s worth. The annual passes (which ar £45 for children and seniors or £50 for adults) are such good value and you’d only have to go 4 times in the year to have spent that money – well we’ve already done that and have lots more trips planned. It’s fun for the whole family and I mean WHOLE family as Grandparents love it as much as babes in arms and there’s something wonderful for everyone when you visit. Another thing to note is that when you’re an annual pass holder you will also receive 10% off in the shop and cafe as well as 20% off entry to the Watatunga Wildlife Reserve (and if you’re a member there then you will get the same at Pensthorpe)! We’ve not been there yet but it looks like an awesome safari in Africa so it’s on my list!

From the beautiful walk around the lake which is dotted with information and fun activities as well as play equipment all nestled within beautiful natural surroundings and done in such a way that everything blends, to the wildlife (both natural and the birds looked after by the park like the wonderful flamingoes) as well as indoor and outdoor play areas which are beyond substantial and so much fun, there really is something for everyone. Walks, pond dipping, a glorious coffee shop and gift shop, bird watching areas, feeding the ducks, geese, swans and everything else… Oh there’s so much on offer and as a member you can fill endless days out or pop in for 2 hours, either way, it’ll provide you with oodles of entertainment. Pensthorpe is both tranquil and super hyper fun, a juxtaposition if ever there was one but everything is developed so thoughtfully that it really does work.

This park is one of our faves and we are in no doubt that it totally deserves the accolade of winning one of the Muddy Norfolk Awards (the Muddies) which you can cast a vote in their direction for here! No wonder they were nominated by so many people (me included) as I’d be hard pressed to find any fault with this place.

So… Here’s some of the fun we’ve been having at Pensthorpe over the past few weeks including on Father’s Day when every ticket holder, including annual members, go to take an extra person (not just a Dad) for FREE! How good is that! Jonny’s family came with us and loved it too!

My little guys and me on one of our now (pretty regular) Thursday afternoon jaunts – this is outside Hootz House, the newly re-opened indoor play!
So strange but wonderful to be able to go to indoor play again! They have made one area for under 3s only which is lovely!
Members get to take friends with a little discount so when our pals from London visited recently of course we took them to Pensthorpe!
I love how free the park feels and I always get a good shot of my dare devil Jimmy!
While Raffie is rarely without a stick or in that stream which runs the length of the outdoor play area, Wild Rootz!
Gram loves it too!
In fact so did Granny, who wouldn’t?!
Trees to climb are more fun with cousins!
And you’re never too old to play out in the park!
My whole family just love it from the younger to the older generations!
Whooshing down the indoor slides – remember to take socks for Hootz House (if not you can buy a pair there for £1)!
When you talk about indoor play you think of smelly soft plays – this is so different to that and not just for small children so it’s fab!
There’s a really nice area to sit inside Hootz House too! Book your slot when you book your tickets (members too) on line!
You can buy land and water bird food for £1 a bag!
Of course Raffie and Posie are the luckiest ones of all the kiddos because they get to go almost weekly!
We tend to go to the park first when we go with just the littles and me!
We’re looking forward to more Pensthorpe Adventures soon and will of course bring you all of them. Follow me on Instagram to check out my story highlight!

Don’t forget to vote for Pensthorpe in the Muddy Stilletos Muddy Awards – voting is open from now until 5pm on Friday the 23rd of July!