Peppa Pig Colourina!

Jimmy, at two, is a little young for lots of the board games we play. When he was tiny we would put him in the door bouncer so that Florence could have a game with us but that doesn’t really cut it with him any more. Instead we have to wait for a rare occasion when he has gone to bed and it’s still early enough for Florence to stay up and then we get to play some board games with her which she absolutely loves!

Of course what would be really great is when Jimmy reaches that age where he can play along but for most games he’s just not there yet. He doesn’t want to wait his turn and it’s very frustrating for Florence but she would love to play with him. Soon I keep telling her.

For Jimmy he wants to play of course but doesn’t understand and gets very frustrated when we try to make him wait for his go etc. It’s just not a concept most two year olds can get!

There does occasionally pop up a game that works for everyone however and we’ve found that to be the case with this new Peppa Pig game come learning aid from Ravensberger that we’ve been trying out.

Peppa pig Colourina

Aimed at age 2+ Peppa Pig Colourina is perfect for Jimmy!

So, this is a game yes, a loose one but that’s about what he needs right now and he has an older sister who is very kind and keen to help him play. I’m not sure he understands the meaning of taking turns still but there is a way of playing where that’s not a problem.

So, the way the game works is that you have four different pictures of a Peppa Pig scene. Fit them under the see through board which has knobs on it for the counters to click onto and then place the coloured counters on the colours of the board on the picture! Make sense? Well it does to a two year old so that’s good enough to me.

The way of playing where it doesn’t matter about turns is to give each child a set of colours, note which child has what and then count up the correct ones at the end.

Florence also thought it was pretty fun and because the pictures also reverse to a black and white scene, you play marking out the colours out from memory. Great for when they’re a little bit older!

Peppa Pig Colour Game Post

There are four picture scenes and each one reverses for a black and white picture of the same to make it a bit harder!

Jimmy is actually really good at colours and numbers and this game is brilliant for helping that along a bit. We talk about what colours go where and what each colour is. It’s pretty good and of course it’s Peppa Pig so that’s a bonus for any two year old right?!

The only problem we have encountered is that there sometimes isn’t enough of each colour to complete the scene which seems a bit bonkers and is a bit infuriating. Aside from that it’s ace and a fantastic idea!

Peppa Pig Colour Game Post 1

The children think this game is really good fun!

 I was sent a copy of the game for the purpose of an honest review.