Peppa Pig’s Big Splash!

We loved Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt when we saw it, the first live stage show of one of our favourite ever programmes! We saw it twice we loved it so much in fact! It was totally brilliant and because Florence has always been such a massive Peppa Pig fan, it was a really magical experience for her! The first time we went Florence wasn’t quite two but yesterday talked in detail about that visit to the theatre and who we went with. Two years on and she remembers clearly, it made that much of an impression on her!

Our second visit was last Christmas when they added a festive touch to the same show and even though we’d seen it before we still loved it! It was such a fab show you see. When asked if we’d like to return to the theatre for Peppa’s all new theatre foray this festive season, we of course couldn’t resist! She’s gone from treasure hunting to puddle splashing in her new tour and at the Criterion Theatre in London’s West End we were some of the first to see it yesterday!

Peppa Pig’s Big Splash is every bit as good as the first show and actually, I think I might have enjoyed it even more! It’s a similar style with puppeteer/actors working the characters but the puppets are far superior this time around. Bigger and more real looking, I found them very impressive! The actors do such a tremendous job of not making you notice them as you truly start to believe the character’s are talking! My favourite has to be Daddy Pig! (He’s always been our favourite character anyway but his new puppet for this performance is awesome)!

The story sees Peppa and friends led by Daisy, their human pal, attend the local fair where Daddy Pig (thinking like a puddle) is to make an attempt at saving his record for the biggest puddle splash! The record has been held in the pig family for generations but will he do it or will he be pipped to the post by relative newcomer Mr Bull?

Mr Bull is not the only new addition to this production as this time around the creators have brought Mr Potato from screen to stage in the most entertaining way! He and Mrs Carrot sing a brilliant song with other fruit and vegetables at the fair which in his celebrity status Mr potato is attending! ‘We have roots because we’re vegetable not fruits’ is a line in the lyrics which saw parents guffawing as their children happily danced along!

We of course LOVED the show. We knew we would but actually we enjoyed it even more than predicted! It’s simply brilliant and with much audience participation and a touch of snow and Father Christmas for this time of year it was a perfect treat for the children. We went with friends for a Christmas/Birthday day out as Florence and her chum are December babies and they just couldn’t stop smiling all the way through!

We even got to meet Peppa Pig backstage afterwards, she was very nice and not at all diva-ish in her stardom! This is one down to earth piggy! There were a couple of other celebrities back stage wanting to meet Peppa and Pals with us and one celebrity Mum certainly thought Peppa had talent! Can you spot her in my pictures and make out who she is! I’d say if you go along to see Peppa Pig’s Big Splash you’re in very good company indeed!

Peppa Pig's Big Splash 1

Florence’s smile says it all when she met the cast yesterday!

Peppa Pig's Big Splash

Can you spot the celebrity Mum fan of Peppa here? Peppa’s got talent I do believe!

Peppa Pig's Big Splash 2

Jimmy got in with Peppa for a quick snap back stage!

Peppa Pig’s Big Splash is showing in London at the Criterion Theatre from now until 5th January 2014 when it will embark upon a national tour. Dates are booked all around the country until October 2014 with more dates to be booked soon!

I was provided complimentary tickets for the show in return for an honest review.

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