Putting On The Ritz!

I love walking through London, there’s something about it that’s not quite like any other place I’ve ever been! At Christmas time in the West End it’s even more exciting and with lights and sparkles everywhere it’s really quite magical even. Being in the West End makes me want to do lots of things one might do as a tourist but not as a resident…

I’ve always wanted to go for afternoon tea at The Ritz for example. I don’t know why but it’s just one of those things in London that I’d really like to do and haven’t. One of my friend’s posted on her Facebook page that she was doing just that one day last week and I was very jealous! What a wonderful treat it would be, sitting in this top London hotel whilst nibbling on smoked salmon sandwiches and drinking rose bud tea… I might even treat myself to a glass of champagne!

I’d love to have a day of pampering Pretty Woman style and maybe have a facial and massage first and then a spot of shopping afterwards. A real decadent London day out. It would be even more wonderful to stay the night, could you imagine! NOT that this would ever be within my purse strings I suspect. I might be able to stretch to tea and cakes one day but it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever take a room there!

Yesterday on our way to Peppa Pig in the West End, we walked past the Ritz and it looked so glamorous for Christmas! Well, I’ll settle for just walking past it for now but maybe one day…

Putting On The Ritz

The Ritz yesterday, isn’t London’s lovely!ย 

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  1. We had afternoon tea in the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington and it was fantastic – leisurely time to chat – might have champagne!?
    Must!! xx

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