Piccolo Baby Food!

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Piccolo Baby Food!

Despite having had four babies now, I wouldn’t say on any level that I’m a weaning expert. I blame my children for this rather than my lack of enthusiasm as frankly I’ve served up extremely tempting fodder over the years and they have all rebuffed most of it. Posie seems to be no exception in her first foray into food and is being incredibly selective, especially when it comes to the spoon. Not keen would be my best description of the reception and while she’s happy to hold food and have a little suck, just as her brothers and sister did before her she doesn’t want to eat much. Fine. Finger food is cool and I’m sure someone told me once that food is only fun until one, so we will go with that!

She’s been having a bit of buttery toast, bread, croissants and the like to squidge and suck and mull over. I’ve tried her with porridge and yogurt and fruit puree on a spoon as well as mushed up avocado, banana and strawberry but unless she can hold it herself she’s resistant. Not wanting her to ONLY have carb (there’s been rice cakes and a potato wedge as well as a roastie) I’ve been letting her hold fruit too but it’s terribly messy and then I remembered that Raffie was mad keen on the Piccolo pouches. For my fussy boy it was just one flavour (plum) but he liked that and I got fruit into him because he could hold the pouch himself. The independent streak in my kiddos is incredible and runs through all of them so I knew Posie would be the same!

At only 6 months old she’s ahead of the game with her crawling and pulling herself up to standing so I thought why not give it a go and let her try to hold her own pouch. She’s been holding it and holding her own and loving it, just one flavour for now but not plum and we will progress to more but at the moment she’s gumming great guns for the yellow one and doesn’t she look pleased with herself!

The pouches are great because you can reseal them (she only really has a couple of actual sucks at a time right now, Raffie could devour 3 pouches in a row when he was about a year so I’m sure that will change – can you imaging the nappies after plum?!) but she’s trying, liking and enjoying not just the fruit but the freedom to be independent with it. There IS a BIT of mess at the moment but light colours come out and soon she will have the hang of not letting any go to waste. Food is fun, food is fun, food is fun – I keep the mantra to remind myself as she squeezes it all over herself!

Piccolo are ace and Raffie actually enjoyed loads of their stuff if not the other flavour pouches (I remember giving him something with peas in once and he did not take it well) as they make snack bars and baby pasta (tiny pasta), sauces and more. For Posie Pops the rest is coming up but for now we will stick with the yellow one which she seems to really like. Cheers for the gift of all this food Piccolo, it will all be tried very soon!

We have been collaborating with Piccolo.