Pleasurewood Hills Again!

I used to visit Pleasurewood Hills as a child. It was the only theme park that was near enough for me to feasibly go to as a youngster and for me, back then, it was wonderful! People my age who grew up in Norfolk and Suffolk (where the park is) would almost certainly have also been as a child and have similar memories to my own; flying down the death slide and probably skimming some skin off on the way, meeting Woody and the gang, having a DIY BBQ in the grounds and the installation of all the new and big rides!

I remember when the rattle snake roller coaster was a ladybird that’s how long I’ve been going. I mean, it turned into a rattle snake about 25 years ago so I really am a bit of a veteran of the park. I visited as a small child, as a teen, with my friends and boyfriends as I got older and a couple of years ago I took Florence and my sister Phoebe. Florence was too young to remember it so we thought it was about time we paid them another visit as I’m sure we will do again in years to come.

It’s hard to believe that the park is celebrating its 30th birthday this year and to celebrate they have made some changes. Not big ones and as far as I’m concerned that’s a good thing. You know where you are with Pleasurewood Hills, but changes all the same! They have re-vamped rides and new attractions so we got to give it all a go this past weekend and yes, we all had a superb day! It doesn’t ever really lose its appeal for me because it holds so many memories but I tried to see it through my children’s eyes and also got to chat to a little girl on a ride who sat next to me and see how much she loved it too. It stands up, in a world of Disney and super theme parks with millions to spend, Pleasurewood Hills still stands up 30 years after she started. She’s a little tired in places and could use maybe one really BIG thrill ride but other than that and she’s still grand! We had a great day out!

Our picnic!

What’s really great is that there are lots of areas to picnic. There are of course restaurants but although you can no longer bring a BBQ (health and safety) you can absolutely bring your own food and as there are lockers in the park you don’t even have to carry it round with you. We liked the area round the back and on the edge of the park where there were sun loungers and picnic tables all next door to a safe play area for the children. I could see Florence playing once she’d finished lunch and we could carry on eating. The grounds and gardens could be more beautiful and have a landscape gardener come in and make them perfect of course but there is nothing offensive about them and they are a pleasant environment to sit and lunch.

Having fun in the park!

There is absolutely lots for really little ones to do. Florence is under a meter tall and still managed to go on lots of rides and keep busy all day. The staff were very good at checking her height and wouldn’t let her on a couple of things which I thought she would have been fine on so didn’t think to see a height request but I’m glad they’re so on the ball. They all look very smart too with crisp new uniforms. Every single person I spoke to was polite and helpful and they all look like they are having a great summer making friends and working at the park. I think it’s good to note that, it shows they are being treated well by the park and that means a lot to me as a customer. If staff are miserable you can look to their superiors to find out why and here is shows that they must be looked after well.

Lots of fun family rides! We absolutely loved the little car to push the children round in which was completely free of charge!

I like that there’s so much for the children to do but have to say that the new ride, Hobz Pit, which is billed for over 12’s was a bit of a let down. I was looking forward to this and it’s a shame that it’s no more than the old fairy tale ride for little ones, re-vamped with some people jumping out at you along the sedate journey. We didn’t queue for much despite the car park being very full and it being a weekend day in the school summer holidays but I do regret the 25 minutes in the queue for that ride. Dull and disappointing we would say! I think it would be perfect for the over 8’s up to 12 rather than 12 and over!

I remember having massive ice creams at Pleasurewood Hills and although some of the shiny stands have gone they are still service massive ice creams and not at a terrible price! I missed soe of the brightness and a few of the areas I enjoyed as a child but for the most part it is still brilliant and still exactly the same. The little girl I spoke to when i went to ride the roller coaster on my own told me she LOVES it and she reminded me of me as a child! This was a BIG day out. It might not be in the big theme park’s leagues but it’s STILL a BIG day out and still children are very excited to be taken there!

The Sea Lion show!

We didn’t feel like the park was busy, even though the cars showed us it must be, until we went to the Sea Lion show! It was packed and we thoroughly enjoyed it. the animals looked happy and the keeper was relaxed and easy. Great fun. We tried to see the parrots afterwards but that show was so full we couldn’t get in!

Just playing in the parks!

In between rides and ice creams we just played in the regular play parks they have which are new, feel very safe and lots of fun. There are a couple in the park but my favourite was over by the Sea Lions!

We also just enjoyed going on all the old rides we used to love as children ourselves! The log flumes and pirate ship (which I got my Mum on and she hated) and the water slide as well as the ski lift which was my favourite of the day! We also enjoyed the train but were so late doing everything else that we missed the little train and didn’t even get to ride on that one!

I took Florence on the Ski Lift which goes from one side of the park to the other!

Pleasurewood Hills may be old at 30 and it may be a tiny bit in need of some love and attention in places but it is still very much worth going to! We were there all day and didn’t even do everything that we wanted to because we ran out of time so that says it all! A fab day out to be repeated!

I have not been paid to write this post but I was given free tickets to the park for the purpose of review.