How To Have A Jungle Breakfast – #SaveSummer!

It’s summer holidays time and that only means one thing! Bring on the fun!

With six whole weeks at home, it is up to us as parents to build entertainment for our little ones! Days out and entertaining children can be super expensive though so as well as the odd trip out to a theme park for a treat we need to do some brilliant things at home too!

We’re taking part in the Asda #SaveSummer challenge! This means that every week of the school holidays we will, as a family, take on a fun task set by Asda and share our antics with you! The good news is that the challenges are all really good value for money, of course, because everything you need comes from Asda!

This is our first week of the holidays and because it’s been SO mega hot, like being in the jungle, we decided to have a Jungle Breakfast! This one’s a really great challenge as it’s super easy for you to make and surprise the little ones with for a fun morning! The breakfast monkeys are made from crumpets, or ‘primps’ as Florence calls them – novelty, animal food, now who wouldn’t like that? I made Jimmy a little coiled up snake instead, by cutting up the crumpet and fashioning it. He really needs his food in little pieces so this worked better for him!

How do you do it?

1. Toast one crumpet for every monkey you’re making, and cover with
butter and honey.

2. Cut three slices of apple per monkey and arrange two on either side for
ears and one in the middle of the piece of toast to make a snout.

3. Place two slices of banana for eyes and use sultanas to to decorate like
the photo.

4. To make jungle juice just mix equal parts of pineapple juice and
coconut milk and serve with decorative fruit.

5. Put on your jungle masks, cover the kitchen in jungly decorations and
enjoy your breakfast!

Breakfast is usually a bit rushed in our house so we really enjoy it when we get the chance to take time over it and have fun! This was the perfect challenge for us as it encouraged us to do that at home, usually we would only take a leisurely breakfast if we are away on holiday and this one gave us lots of giggles too – take a look!

Jungle Breakfast 18
The breakfast and our table decorated with our jungle masks and all our jungly toys!
Jungle Breakfast 15
Even Daddy joined in!
Jungle Breakfast 17
Jimmy enjoyed eating his snake!
Jungle Breakfast 16
Florence thought it was great fun!

I have not been paid to write this post but I was supplied with the necessary tools to join in with the #SaveSummer challenge set by Asda.