Not Just A Review Blog – Plum Sand And Water Table!

This week I was accused by some low life on Twitter of running a ‘dime a dozen review blog’. It’s true I do do reviews on the blog of course but I also write about a whole lot more besides – if he’d ACTUALLY read my blog then he’d have known that, just as he’d have known that when I do review things I review them honestly and fairly.

Seeing as this post is actually going to be a review and I’d like to set a few things straight.

This chump, who was actually just annoyed with me for daring to challenge him on some of his strange views, suggested I only write overwhelmingly positive write ups of products that I get for free?

Firstly, yes, sometimes I am given things to review for the purpose of just that. I don’t actually consider this to be a freebie on account of the amount of work I put in. I use the product thoroughly and spend a great deal of time constructing a well written and comprehensive review. In other words I am working for that item so I am NOT being given a freebie.

Secondly, I very often write reviews of things we have bought ourselves. Why not?! Usually this will be when I really, really like something as it does take time and effort. If I am not keen then a quick negative review on the site for the company I have bought from suffices. Why would I clog up my blog and spend time writing about something I don’t like when I am under no obligation?

When it comes to writing reviews I take them very seriously and I would imagine this is why I have been chosen to be an ambassador for many things. Despite popular belief companies generally welcome all feedback be it positive or otherwise and if they don’t then I’m afraid if they ask me to review and I don’t like it then it will go up on the blog anyway. And has done. Many times. The truth of the matter though, is that most products have pros and cons and depending on who you are would suit different people. Very rarely have I HAD to write something ALL bad. My trip to Chessington World of Adventure last year is the only thing that springs to mind. In that case the PR asked me if I would like to re-visit and I declined on account of the fact we thought it was SO terrible. All of this went into the review.

So anyway, on to this review. This review is for a company I am an ambassador for but this is also a company I buy from fairly regularly. Their items are big so not every week but when I think of outdoor play equipment then it is Plum Products that springs to mind. They also do a lovely indoor play section and we are very fond of that too – especially their kitchens!

I AM an ambassador which means from time to time I will be given a product in return for a review. It also means that I have got to see their extensive range in the flesh and have bought from them too! There’s no way anyone would GIVE me all the things from their range that I love. A while back I reviewed their ‘My First Trampoline’ which my Mum bought (full price) for the garden and we are soon to be buying (with a small but still welcome discount – perks of the job) a very expensive summer play house on stilts. I will be writing about that too. I have written about a kitchen and a dolls houses in the past as part of a review programme and now today I want to write about their Sand and Water Picnic Table.

Plum Sand And Water Table

The Plum Products Sand And Water Picnic table!

I was not given this table in return for a review. I want to point that out. I am under no obligation to blog about it in any way. I was given the table as a lovely gift and we love it so we are reviewing it regardless. I do have overwhelmingly positive things to say about it but that’s because it is overwhelmingly positive. I think I’ve made my point!

So… This is a beautiful mini picnic table for the children to sit at and enjoy a lunch in the shade. It is made from a soft wood treated to make it a reddish brown colour and it is the sweetest little thing. I had something similar when I was little and am really pleased the children now have this.

Unlike my picnic table however and this one reveals a secret underneath a lid on the top. Remove the lid and you will find a sand bowl and a water bowl too! It’s not mega big but perfect big enough for a 2 and 4 year old with a bit of room to grow too!

It is absolutely gorgeous and we are VERY pleased with it.

The one slightly negative thing I do have to say is that the instructions suggested it would take one person, one hour to build. I admit I am not really a flat pack person but just so you know, I couldn’t do it on my own and had to get my Mum to help. It also took us both around 2 and a half hours. My Mum, a seasoned flat pack builder, says this is pretty much the par for the course. Instructions give you the best case scenario and of course there will be people who CAN build this table single handedly in an hour but for your average Joe I would say no.

Still, it really isn’t a problem! I mean if you have one hour you have two or three right and even if you have to stop midway through and wait until the next day because of a rain storm like we did, the build is going to be a worthwhile one! The children are, as you will see from my video, absolutely thrilled with it! Who wouldn’t be?

Another fabulous item Plum Products. So we do review for Plum but we buy from them too, if that doesn’t tell you how much I like them then nothing will! Can’t wait to get the house on stilts up! It’s going to be MEGA!

I was given the sand and water table as a gift with no obligation to write about it.