Raffie Is Four!

Raffie Is Four!

My four year old baby boy!

Dearest Raffie,

You are four. FOUR! I’m not sure how that can be because you were literally just a baby 5 minutes ago, I was being wheeled down from theatre recovery holding you in my arms, I blinked and here we are. Four years old and full of all the good things!

You are all the brilliant in everything you do from speaking about yourself in the third person (“Raffie wikes chocwit!”) to kicking a ball (which you do with such ability). Your turn of phrase makes us all laugh and love you so much baby boy. In a shop recently you chose a back pack from the shelf and said “it wants to be mine!” and looking forward to your birthday (which has been a LONG time coming waiting for everyone else’s) you said yesterday “Today is my party and tomorrow is my actual birthday with the dinosaur park and a sleepover and then Sunday my family are coming for lunch” – you totally understand birthdays for the very first time I think. Before they’ve been great fun but not looked forward to in quite this way so I hope all the celebrations, just as you stated they were to be, are all they’ve been cracked up for.

We’ve certainly enjoyed celebrating with our little Raffster!

At four you cheeky and loving and happy most of the time but angry sometimes too. A little bit jealous of Posie being the baby you ask to be known as Raffie Pops and instead we’ve agreed on Raffie Rocks. But you adore her too and I’m so proud thisbyear how you took her arrival all in your stride and couldn’t wait to kiss and cuddle and love her. Or wuv her as you say. You love Jimmy so much and copy everything he does (even the naughty bits) and Florence is still your go to if I’m not there, your second Mummy. You are so lucky to have all these siblings and your place in the pack is very much in charge, you boss us all around and we somehow don’t mind because it’s you!

You love watching and reading Stick Man and Dino Trux along with your ever faves The Octonaughts and Shaun the Sheep and plenty more. You LOVE TV! You also adore being at nursery and seeing your friends, having McDonalds chicken nuggets, your daily fave of plain pasta or Super Noodles (not one for many foods but you like what you like and thankfully fruit and cucumber is another fave or it would all be beige).

Brilliantly fun, sweet, cuddly, loving, loud, beautiful, great company, super clever and brilliant on a balance bike, my gorgeous darling Raffie! You are the sunshine and our little Emperor, we love you more than all the everything. Happy birthday baby boy, you are FOUR!

09.36, 09/10/2021 – 4 years to the day he was born. My traditional picture!
And another one!

We had the best time celebrating from his friends party after school on Friday, the dinosaur park on Saturday with more pals then a McDonalds tea and a sleepover in the garden room to his family party on Sunday. Special food, special fun, special times for our special. Here are some of our fave bits!

Cupcakes for nursery pals on Friday!
A party being set up while he was at nursery!
The table was laid!
Cupcake decorating station!
Passion fruit martinis for the grown ups!
Goodie bags assembled!
A special Stick Man cake made by Gram!
Definitely deserving of a second picture!
Welcoming friends!
Fun with the gang!
The birthday boy!
A brilliant time!
A special breakfast!
Of all the faves!
A birthday treasure hunt!
With all the little bits!
Opening presents!
Off to Roarr for the day!
With more friends!
the birthday boy roarring!
He so desperately wanted Dippy to wish him a happy birthday and kept displaying g his badge but the show is a recorded on mimed to so he was a bit sad about that but soon got over it!
A great day!
With yet more presents! Look at his lovely Little Bird jumper from our lovely friends!
Followed by a McDonald’s tea!
More presents!
A House of Fleur sleepover in the garden room!
And another party Sunday morning for family with hit dogs, mini sliders and a mac and cheese!
As well as, of course, the staple of all Mummy’s parties!
Loads if family fun!
Party hats!
And another caterpillar cake! Oh what a lovely weekend!

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