October 2021 At Roarr!

October 2021 At Roarr!

October at Roarr Dinosaur Adventure is looking hot to trot geared up for Halloween fun, October Half Term and even for their fright nights with Primevil which are running through to the very last day of this spooky month! We are long term fans of the park for many reasons but most notably that there really is something for everyone in our family there and when you have kids ranging in age from 0-11 that’s quite a boast. Most of the time there’s someone compromising somewhere but never at Roarr which has so much going on there’s far too much to fill just one day and lots of attractions within the park to appeal to a multitude of ages and abilities. There’s as much for tiny babies like Posie as there is for Florence, my high school girl but a lot of stuff crosses over ages too and all of them have fun and get super excited when we say we’re going. Part of me likes to have it for a special treat now and again but more of me just wants to buy an annual ticket so that we can go all the time – something which currently isn’t on offer but as soon as it is I think we’ll be snapping them up. It was no surprise then that Raffie chose Roarr as his birthday treat day out and on his special day we all enjoyed another brilliant day out in one of our faves – we took along a couple of friends (who have the current membership and DO get to go often) and I spent the entire day watching 6 very happy and smiling faces as we made our way through the park trying to fit in as much as we possibly could. We arrived at opening and didn’t leave until close yet we did still manage to not find the time to properly do the trail and a couple of other bits. All the more excuse to go back!

Super excitement for the birthday boy at Roarr Dinosaur Adventure!
Gang goals!

Another of the many reasons I love Roarr so much is that everything is included in the ticket price. Even the GoKarts which are coin operated – the person operating the ride give the child the coin and off they go so no dipping in and out of purses which, when you have a lot of kids, can get very pricy! You know where you are with Roarr and like an all inclusive holiday I feel safe knowing I won’t be stung for anything more than an ice cream which are also very reasonably priced!

I think we went on Dippy’s Raceway about 25 times!
Winner’s post!
The food in general, not just the ice creams, is very reasonably priced!

There’s so much to be enjoyed on park in all seasons and this time Raffie found himself JUST big enough to enjoy the high ropes which he was overjoyed about. Now this is one area I can never quite believe isn’t a bit extra as literally everywhere else it would be. Anything of any similar style at any other park I’ve been to has incurred an extra charge and I absolutely salute Roarr for being this inclusive. It makes it entirely possible for a family on a budget to splash out and have a great big day out knowing they won’t’have to disappoint children by saying no to anything. It’s important to parents so yes, I do keep mentioning it!

High Ropes for the first time!

It’s not just the all singing activities and attractions at Roarr that have us smiling as there’s plenty of low key but just as fun things to enjoy like the splendid parks with mega equipment, the fossil dusting tent and the little farm. There’s also the dinosaur trail as well as two other little trails which are fun and spending time in the woods picking up sticks is another fave of my lot! And the stamp trail is a clear fave, especially as you get a medal at the end!

Stamp trail fun!
Play equipment for the big kids!
And the little!
Farm fun!
Lots to see!

So much to do and with one day being so little time I recommend writing a list of your must haves for the day or something will always have to give. We have never, for example, got around to playing mini golf and the kiddos really wanted to so we made sure we got that in this time. It’s sandwiched right between to the push pedal Go Karts and Dippy’s Theatre so we timed it right to enjoy both of those too.

Mini golf for the first time!
Some took it seriously!
Some did not, but we all had fun!
Even Posie had a go on the Go Karts!
Dippy’s Theatre!
The show is one of Raffie’s faves!
And though we didn’t get time to do the whole trail, we popped in at the beginning and end of it to have dino pictures, of course!
The end of the trail, and these pics make me feel a bit of a fraud as we missed the middle!
Fun for all ages!
And fresh air!

When you’ve had enough of the fresh air and or weather (it was gloriously sunny on Saturday so Jonny and I found it a wrench to go inside but the children love it), then there is also the most magnificent soft play which again, all the children enjoy. Florence tries to be a bit cool and not go down the slides, taking the opportunity to crack into a bit of free wifi instead, but she always goes on them in the end along with her baby brother!

What a wonderful birthday!
He loved every single second!
He couldn’t have chosen a better place to celebrate turning 4 – great choice Raffie!

Now, if you are planning a visit this October it’s worth noting that saving it for half term is gonna be mega! For Halloween, as always, there’s loads on offer for Dippy’s Halloween Days which will be running from Satyrday the 23rd of October to Sunday the 31st and on top of all the regular fun of the park will include an invitation to enjoy exploring the ruins of the crypt, witch “crafts” in Dippy’s Party Room, animal encounters, ghost stories. special Halloween medals, a skeleton trail, spooky movie, a Halloween live show and a fancy dress competition! What more could you want?!

If you’re looking for slightly more adult fun then do remember that throughout October in the evenings, after Roarr closes at 4 they get ready to spook everyone with Primevil Scare – five terrifying haunts of terror to spook visitors with the best actors in Norfolk taking on the roles of spook artists! Street food, cocktails, twists and turns, music and screams as well as laughter. It’s been a couple of year’s since I visited but it’s an awesome night which runs from 6pm to 11pm and is suitable for over 12s only – Florence is very keen on going so perhaps… Perhaps!

Until the next time Roarr, and we cannot wait!

We were gifted our tickets.

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