What Do REAL Mums Pack In Their Hospital Bag?!

Ok, ok… I’ve done this twice before so I should know what I’m doing and when it comes to the hospital bag (even though I hope I won’t be going anywhere near a hospital – fingers crossed for a home birth)! I know only too well that we end up being cajoled into packing a whole heap of pap that we don’t need so… Here’s the benefit of my wisdom as a gal who has pushed two babes out of her faloola before and therefore, in my opinion at any rate, knows what’s necessary and what isn’t!

First of all I have to say that my hospital bag this time comes from Mi-Pac. It’s a rose gold version of their Weekender and I LOVE it. It matches my rose gold swing bag from them and is SO roomy! I kind of want to use it every day as my changing bag too (despite there not being anything remotely changing bag about it – I kind of like that) but it’s so nice I’m going to keep it for trips away and of course, in case I need to go into hospital!

The rose gold weekender from Mi-Pac is my hospital bag and I’ll prbably use it as a changing bag afterwards too! I LOVE it!

Don’t you just love it too?!

So… What have I packed then?

The contents of my bag come from a tried and tested point of view – look at that gorgeous baby grow from Mothercare! This will be the first thing our three is the magic number baby will wear!

Here’s the practical:

Hair band – totally need this as there’s nothing worse than hair in your face.

Make-up – minimal make up just to brighten the way I look so my Flora Mare tinted anti ageing cream, Brightening Moment and skin tightening cream which I bought as a special trio from QVC. I use the tint and Brightening cream ALL the time and LOVE them. I always get compliments about my skin when I use them and they’re very easy to apply. I’ll also take a few basics like my Clinique chubby stick blusher, a Clinique mascara and a chubby stick for my lips. I use Clinique Clarifying lotion and a beautiful Elizabeth Grant moisturiser at the moment so they will come too.

More beauty – Look, call me vain but I don’t want to look a horror in the pictures so I’m also packing my GHDs, a good brush and my toiletries which are Original Source tea tree and mint shower gel (fresh), my Aussie Moist shampoo and conditioner, regular deodorant and my SOS (Science of Skin) spray which is so easy to apply and deals with stretchmarks (I don’t have any of those thank you very much and I don’t intend to get any either so until my tummy is back to normal that’s what I’m using – it came in one of my Project-B boxes)!

For the baby – Nappies and wipes (Mamia from Aldi – they’re great), a gorgeous sleep suit from Mothercare, another couple of plain white ones just in case, a knitted (by me) cardigan and some Weleda products which I found so hard to source but eventually got my faves. The tummy oil and teething/colic granules as well as the nursing oil. I used all these with Jimmy and LOVED them!

Food – Jonny ate everything in sight when I was in hospital with Florence so I’m packing double because I don’t trust him not to do the same again!

PJs – I will take my ‘birthing nightdress’ to have the baby in. It’s the same one I gave birth to Florence and Jimmy in and… Don’t think I’m a weirdo but the same one my Grandma passed away while wearing. She was very ill and died when I was heavily pregnant with Florence and it was my way of having her with me so of course I will do that again. And for after I’ve bought some super comfies from Tesco in a MAHOOSIVE size!

The practicals – breast pads, maternity pad and disposable knickers all from Asda – super cheap and SO worth having. I also have some female freshener gel and dextrose tablets which came in a Project-B box. Totally need all of this shizzle!

My birth plan – Note, no one reads a birth plan in hospital they just skim it. There’s no point in writing pages and pages so be to the point with the things that matter. Mine will say: ‘If possible’ no drugs except gas and air and as littler intervention as you can manage. Please also let me deliver the placenta before you cut the cord, allow me skin to skin time with the baby and help me breast feed immediately if I need assistance.’ Don’t waste time with play lists ad candles and times people are allowed to speak because seriously, no one care, even you when you’re in the throws of labour!

Something to do – Take knitting, a book, your iPad… Whatever you like to pass the time because there may be a LOT of it!

Camera – Durr… Or your phone of course and don’t forget the chargers!

Something to come home in – You’ve thought about the baby’s outfit but what about you? Some nice comfy underwear (I like crop tops at the moment and BIG knickers) and something you feel good in! I have a gorgeous nursing bra and matching knickers from Mothercare who know exactly what a new mummy needs. When I went into store they were so helpful at measuring me and giving me advice when choosing. I also have their amazing over the bump leggings and a maternity shirt (which doesn’t look maternity) which comes from H&M which I shall be wearing to come home in!

The frivolities – Ok, so I might not get a chance to drink it but I’m TOTALLY taking Champers with me. What if they don’t let me out and I’ve spent 9 months sober and then can’t even toast the baby… I think NOT! Don’t jude me, I’m a heavily pregnant sober woman and I want some bubbles!

Don’t judge me but…

And that’s it for me… My hospital bag!

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