#StyleTheSchool Run With Mi-Pac!

It’s nearly time for a new school year and to celebrate (ok, we’ve got to find something otherwise we’d just be commiserating) it has to be the bringing back of the #StyleTheSchoolRun hashtag incentive on social media! Along with founder of the project Katy from Modern Mummy and dedicated fashionistas Kara from Innocent Charms Chats and Carissa of Little Likely Lads, I will be, once again, hoping to inspire mums everywhere to get their school run grooves on when it comes to the style stakes!

We all KNOW how hard it is to get out of our PJs and into something we can physically go out of the house in so we all KNOW that actually wearing something which makes us look and feel good is even harder but… It’s that age old thing of looking good encouraging us into feeling good and then when you feel good in turn you look it… It goes on. So efforts must be made and we think we have that perfect formula!

We don’t want to bug you. We don’t want to make you feel bad. We just want to encourage you to take a few moments for yourself each day with a little incentive and a touch of inspo! So… We will be back on Instagram with the #StyleTheSchoolRun hashtag giving out little hints and tips and hoping that you will join in and I for one have THE perfect way to kick off my own style incentive!

I have been pregnant for what feels like years and at this point in time cannot fit into anything I want to wear so instead I am accessorising up my arm with some bag candy! I got my hospital bag (which is actually what is classed as a ‘weekender’ – read all about it here) from Mi-Pac and I love the rose gold colour of it SO much I simply had to get a day to day bag in the same material to go with it! In step my latest back pack (they’re becoming a bit of an obsession with me if I’m honest), the Metallic Rose Gold Swing Bag – £34.99!

Me with my new swing bag back pack from Mi-Pac!
I love it and on dreary Auntumnal school days it’s going to make me think of summer sun with its cheery rose gold colour!

Now… Never to be outdone the kiddos had to get in on the Mi-Pac action too of course and for their very own ‘back to school’ fashionista tendencies they got some pretty cool back packs and pencil cases! We are now massive fans of Mi-Pac, it’s easy to see why huh!

Jimmy has the All Stars mini in Royal Navy – £24.99 and Florence’s back pack has little pug dogs all over it – she is obsessed with pug dogs and looks for them everywhere we go, always hoping that at some point I might say we can have one (I’m afraid that I won’t as I do NOT like dogs) so a back pack with them on it is perfectly up her street and with lots of accessories to match like the make up bag – £12.99 (which she will use as a pencil case) she’s very happy!

Of course they do make ACTUAL pencil cases (£7.99) as well! Jimmy chose one with a leaf print all over it and Florence went for the gold – a girl after my own heart!

They may not be thrilled about going back to school but they are certainly so with their new bags as am I!

We worked with Mi-Pac for this post.


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