The Don’t Call Me Chicken Piggy Tower Burger – Rustlers Chicken Burger Hack!

Busy parents often feel guilty about serving up a quick meal and it’s not surprising when the media like to put the pressure on and make us all feel less than adequate while berating us for our imperfections (remember fish finger gate and the Daily Fail?)! Well, I think us blogging mums showed them didn’t we because if you DO remember yesterday’s fish and chip wrapper then you will also (and far more likely regardless) remember the hashtag #SolidariTea!

Our children won’t grow up remembering that we carved them the Taj Mahal out of organically grown (in our own gardens of course) tomatoes – if they’re like my kids they will gag at the sight of the red stuff when not bottled and squirted over chips anyway! They won’t look back on their childhood and think, wow, wasn’t Mummy amazingly wonderful because she always prepared a meal from scratch using meat only from livestock raised, slaughtered and butchered in our own yard – think of the trauma, the blood, the screaming (I’ve seen silence of the lambs, they scream according to Jodie Whatsit) and the therapy they will endure discussing that little lot later on thank you very much Hugh Worthy WitlessFool! And they definitely won’t be thankful that they only ever tasted something sweet when we had taken the nectar from pomegranate seeds and pulped them together with dates before baking a cake (THAT’S NOT A F%#*ing CAKE) – they will wonder why they didn’t get to taste the good stuff with Palm Oil like everyone else!

Ok, ok… There is of course a time to be healthy, most times in fact, but there’s also a time for convenience and relax – not me on every other day honest, honest! Plus… It doesn’t have to be ALL bad just because it’s not hard. What about Rustlers Southern Fried Chicken Burgers for instance… 2 minutes in the microwave and they’re done and you don’t HAVE to serve them with chips, no one will judge you if you cut up your own cruditee and serve home-made humus on the side (well, I might actually but let’s skim over that, if nothing else you’re providing a snigger service)!

Oh, oh… and let’s not forget we can also pimp up the ACTUAL burger (well, we’ve not had to do much work yet have we?!) and create our own slightly less than home-made but definitely more than shop bought (think buying cake for school bake sale but squishing it a bit and re homing it in our own baking tins… cheats of implied but not exactly lies) number which the kids can have a hand in too!

I’ve jazzed our supper up tonight of twin pack from Rustlers (cheers guys, at £2.50 you can’t say fairer than that and you even provided the mayonnaise) with some bacon, a slice of cheese (plastic of the American variety of course – I want my kids to EAT it you see and they’re just not into vintage, cave aged with crystals – sorry Gov), tomatoes (for showing willing on my behalf and to give them something to pick out for theirs) and I’ve tower loaded it with a hash brown… They give it the thumbs up and I’ve always got tomorrow to knit my own yogurt pot! So there it is, The Don’t Call Me Chicken Piggy Tower Burger!

This post is an entry for the BritMums Rustlers Burger Hacking challenge sponsored by Rustlers.

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  1. Wow – she looks like she is going to enjoy that! Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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