Dearest Raffie – You Are Three Months Old!

Dearest Raffie,

You are three months old and we have completed our fourth trimester. I am amazed at how quickly the time has gone but that’s because we’ve been having so much fun. You are such a smiler and so lovely to be with. I’d wondered when I was pregnant if I would mind not having any time to myself but I honestly don’t! I can’t think of a better way to spend my days than with you!

You are beginning to teeth I think with lots of chewing, dribbles and bottom antics! You are also trying very hard to roll over and hitting all of your milestones and some! You’re brilliant company and I love watching you learn. Your big brother and sister do too and having been doting on you as per usual!

Your first Christmas was perfect and we enjoyed every single second – Can’t wait to see what month 4 brings where I will continue to lie on the sofa with you and not to do too much because you’re only tiny once and I’ve learned to just take things a bit easy and not go at 100mph!

You’ve been swimming and we’ve been entertaining you at home and you LOVE watching Baby Einstein on TV – You’re blooming brilliant!