Seeing The Light!

I love my bedroom, it’s right at the top of my house in our loft conversion and absolutely filled with light. We had the walls painted a brilliant white and to match, most of the furniture is white too. It’s my big, bright space for sleeping and getting ready. The room is the entire expanse of the house with one half being the bedroom and the other, all open plan, a dressing area with a separate bathroom attached. It reminds me of the warehouse conversion Jonny and I rented in Old Ford Lock many moons ago and when I’m up there I feel quite tranquil; it’s so high up it could fool you into thinking it was far away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house with kids laughing and playing while Jonny twangs on his guitar. My house is always buzzing with people and things going on so the loft is a bit of a retreat – I am SO pleased we chose to have this room added to our home.

Raffie and I go up there for some peace and quiet in the day time while I feed him, it’s the perfect feeding room and gives us both time together which is calming and peaceful. The other day, after I lifted the blinds, morning light stunningly filled the room as it came in through the VELUX really lifting my heart and spirits – we have such great blinds which fit the VELUX perfectly, each one has a code so you simply cannot buy one that doesn’t fit – see what I mean here. In the depths of winter you don’t get to see too much sunlight so to be up so high in the roof with the beams flooding through the windows is just perfect.

I sat on my bed with my baby boy, his eyes gazing up at mine as I stared down into his beautiful baby blues and I knew that our move to Norfolk was the absolute right move for us. We toyed with this for so long, sticking it out in a London flat which had no potential. We stayed there with too few bedrooms, not enough living space and without even a hint of a garden – what were we thinking?! There was no light in our London flat and the move to Norfolk was to gain everything we lacked so that we could have a lighter life all round, not just the physical. Part of the deal to moving was another baby – this new baby boy of ours so long in the planning.

Two kittens and a baby I’d told him as I’d persuaded myself that leaving London was the work of the devil and I’d be better off staying. If you can’t promise me two kittens and a baby, the things I’d longed for but couldn’t have in our old flat, then I simply won’t go. A deal was struck and the house sought out but it wasn’t quite perfect enough for that extra mouth to feed as it was. So more deals were struck with builders and architects and documents signed to make our home that space we’d longed for. The kittens arrived at the same time the work on the loft began and then, as if it was all he’d been waiting for, Raffie came.

The little beating heart of our family he is and just as you can’t imagine life WITH the baby before its born we now can’t imagine, remember even really, what it was like before. We have ALL the light now with all our babies under one roof. One roof with two VELUX windows and lots of light flooding into it and I don’t half feel lucky!

A moment of calm for me and my baby boy!