Saturday Night Take-Away In!

when I was a child I used to love Saturday night television which I used to watch with my parents. My favourite was Noel’s House Party which used to make me laugh and laugh and laugh. My second favourite was Blind Date with Cilla Black and I remember my Step mum and I peeling in fits of giggles with tears streaming down our faces watching it one weekend when a particularly large lady went on a date dingy sailing. Over the years Saturday night TV became less and less appealing to me and for a long time there was never anything I really wanted to watch but last weekend I discovered Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Take-Away and realised that Florence is now just the right age to watch it with me!

I know it’s been around for a while but it’s just not been on our radar until now. It is very firmly on it now however and last weekend is just one of many I hope where we get to snuggle down on the sofa and have a giggle together. The highlight of the show was Ant, Dec and various guests singing Up Town Funk (one of Florence’ and my favourites) at the end of the show with a Barber Shop Quartet. So, why didn’t we watch it before? Well, I’m not really very sure actually but I’m very pleased that Morrison’s directed me in the right direction.

Morrisons are the official sponsors of the show and to celebrate they sent us some wine and some of their take-away style food to enjoy while we watched the show. I was actually away for the weekend when the food came so I didn’t get to enjoy it but the wine was very nice indeed. It was actually a really good bottle and I enjoyed it very much while Florence had some nibbles. We instead bought something to eat on Sunday from their ready to cook range and I have to say their ready to roast gammon was particularly delicious, especially after I added some cloves and treacle for a glaze. No work and no hassle with all the taste of a really good gammon! Ok so it wasn’t to accompany out Saturday Night Take-Away viewing but now that we know we are really keen on the show we’ll be sure to stock up on pizzas for a treat next weekend!

Pretty bottle and pretty good wine inside it too!
Pretty bottle and pretty good wine inside it too!
For £4 you can't really go wrong! We got loads of yummy bits to go with it very affor
For £4 you can’t really go wrong! We got loads of yummy bits to go with it very affordably too!

Morrisons is awesome, they price match (with their Match and More scheme) to even Aldi and Lidl and the food in store is really good with butchers and fish mongers who really know what they’re talking about. My only problem is that the one near us is very small, I might have to drive out to a really big one soon as I love their misty sprays over the fruit and veg, it keeps things brilliantly fresh and we need to stock up on their Nutmeg range for the summer! Thanks to Morrisons for introducing us to Saturday Night Take-Away, great programme to sponsor!

One thought on “Saturday Night Take-Away In!

  1. I absolutely LOVE Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, and am gutted I missed out on this as we settle down every year to watch it! (I even went to the Super Computer in Leeds when it was there the other year and blogged about it. 🙂 )
    It’s traditional, clean, family fun and I love the fact that I can snuggle up with both the 11 and 7 year old and watch it as appropriate for both.
    The fact it has a hint of Noel’s House Party with the Sing a long Karoake (NTV, anyone?) and last week’s Win The Lad’s was very Beadle’s About.
    Absolutely love it! Bringing back Saturday TV the way it used to be and SHOULD be.

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