Schooling With Nutmeg!

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A couple of week’s ago I was invited with the children to come and see the new school range for Nutmeg. This is the children’s clothing line held at Morrisons and in general, one of my favourites for lots of reasons. The regular clothes are well made, inexpensive and usually extremely to my taste – they make children look like children and not like mini adults in other words! They also use really interesting materials like their jogging bottoms which feel as they should but look exactly like denim! They’re pretty impressive when it comes to looking at what works best for little people actually and as well as taking care with comfort they also have pretty cool style and the children enjoy wearing their things.

This range for school of course is all uniform and I wondered what they might be doing differently to the other supermarkets. Surely a grey pinafore dress is much the same as any other and a pack of tights, is, well, a pack of tights. What really jumped out from Nutmeg though is the price. I know for a fact that other supermarkets are charging a considerable amount more that Morrisons for very similar products! They simply can’t make the designs terribly different to anyone else because at the end of the day it IS for school uniform. The very word dictates that ‘difference’ isn’t really an option however with the price being so much more appealing than other places they also don’t let themselves down on the little details they can inject and, of course, the quality is that of hat I have come to expect from the brand.

Here’s what we saw!

Nutmeg School Uniform
The soft feel of the materials, thoughtful touches and, of course, the price is what makes the Nutmeg school uniform range so great! LOOK at those plimsolls for £2.50! I paid £4 for a similar pair in another supermarket last year!
Nutmeg School Uniform 1
Little touches on things like the shirts make all the difference! I know some people have a problem with segregating girls and boys but frankly, Florence really appreciates a girlie touch like the scallops on the collar and that’s not to say a boy couldn’t wear the same or a girl the alternative!
We had a great time checking out the uniforms!
We had a great time checking out the uniforms and having fun in the Nutmeg school room!
Thumbs up from my two!
A schoolie approval from my two!

Florence has actually been sent some of the new uniform which isn’t out yet for us to try. It’s a winter uniform of shirt, pinafore, tights and cardigan and although she’s only worn it once (the weather finally hotted up) we think it’s very good! Comfortable and extremely smart while the dress and shirt washed and dried without any creases meaning no ironing – SCORE! The one thing Florence did say she didn’t like was that the zip doesn’t have a pendant on it, a small heart shape or the like. Most of them do and I think the uniform we were sent isn’t actually in production yet so perhaps we can feed that back and they will amend it! I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Please put Nutmegs School Uniform back on line for buying. I find find it a a difficulty getting to the shop for me. My great grandson is a creature of habit and he won’t wear any other trousers

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