Seraphine Is Open In Marlebone!

This morning I have woken up with a bit of a foggy head. A night drinking wine in London with new friends is lovely but I think I sometimes forget that Jimmy is usually up about 5 thus meaning so am I! I can feel that my head definitely needed a 10am start instead but as if that was ever going to happen!

Still, it was absolutely worth it as Modern Mummy, The Glam Mummy and I had a blast! It’s not often that I get to drink wine in town while having a grown up chat so it was a bit of a treat really and if my head hurts today, well so be it!

So what exactly had brought us into town on a Thursday evening? Well, a terribly glamorous shop opening that’s what! A shop with utterly divine garments created by passionate Parisian Cecile Reinaud. I scanned the rails and picked out my favourite pieces (there were many) and couldn’t see anything that looked remotely frumpy! Frumpy? Why might I be expecting frumpy at a terrbily glamourous Parisian chic shop opening? The answer is because this particular shop is intended for Mums to be… Maternity wear but not exactly as you will have seen before… And happy to note that not a frump was in sight at Seraphine last night!

Seraphine Post

The new Seraphine store which has just opened on Marlebone High Street!

Seraphine is the antithesis of frumpy. In fact, Modern Mummy, The Glam Mummy and I agreed that we would happily wear the clothes whether pregnant or not and indeed Modern Mummy does! She has been wearing their nursing tops with beautiful detailed buttons on the shoulders since pregnancy and has one in every colour. Her youngest is one now but she says they look so good, are so flattering, wash superbly and she simply can’t bear to part with them. I can totally see why she feels that way having now felt the fabric and seen them up close myself. You’d never know they were maternity clothes but that’s their beauty! Modern Mummy says her tops have a fantastic band at the bottom which cover a multitude of sins and this is just what most of need after having a baby – unless you’re Kate Middleton of course!

Seraphine was, incidentally, a favourite of Prince George’s Mummy while she was carrying him so you couldn’t get a better stamp of approval than that! She is always so beautiful and stylish, she clearly knows what’s what when it comes to fashion so no wonder she was spotted in outfits from this gorgeous maternity brand! We might not all looks so immaculate while pregnant or indeed have such a flat stomach afterwards but I think anything which could give us a little nod in the direction on Kate’s style is a good thing, wouldn’t we all just be super pleased to have an ounce of her killer look!

Seraphine on Marlebone High Street is their third London boutique and I can’t imagine it will be their last! They offer a shopping experience designed to pamper and welcome new mothers to be in choosing their style for pregnancy. Just because your body is changing doesn’t mean you have to wear clothes you wouldn’t ordinarily! Cecile just gets it you know. She has two children herself, she’s been there and she understands what we all want. We want to look good and embrace this beautiful change our body is making but its very hard when you don’t have the right tools. Now you do…

Seraphine Post 2

Designer and founder of Seraphine, Cecile Reinaud, talks us through the collections!

You’d be very surprised to see the prices too. I know I was. I was delicately fingering a beautiful shawl designed as a breastfeeding wrap but that I would wear all the time when I saw the price, £42 is an utter bargain! I couldn’t help but try it on and am now rather wishing I’d brought it home! It fell so well and felt superb on, I’d wear it out to the theatre or just sitting on my sofa at home! I love it!

Seraphine Post 1

Me in the shawl!

I loved the collections and in particular the coats! One coat that caught my eye is designed to accommodate a bump but then to be worn afterwards and over the baby while being carried in a sling! Little things have been thought of like this that make the brand even more inviting. As well as the classical collection of nursing tops, dresses, jeans, coats and everything else one might need to wear during pregnancy they also have their luxe collection for those special nights out when you still want to look fabulous at the party and they even design special wedding dresses. Another string to their bow are the ShoeTherapy pumps and loafers, a collection of designer shoes featuring a medically trialed sole that improves your posture and boosts circulation whilst helping to combat back pain and cellulite. No mum-to-be should be without a pair of these miracle maternity shoes.

This is definitely a one stop shop for pregnancy, a special experience and maternity feel good saver all in one. I’m terribly impressed by Seraphine and it makes me want to be pregnant again! Not that I need much encouragement!

Just before I go I have to say a massive thank you to Seraphine for their gift of a lovely scarf! I shall be wearing it all winter!

Seraphine Post 3

Some of my favourite things included these gorgeous belts, another beautiful cape and my lovely new scarf!

I have not been paid to write this post.