Snips Hair And Beauty – Norwich!

Snips Hair And Beauty – Norwich!

You know, I hate having my hair done. HATE it. With a passion. 4 hours, or thereabouts (don’t we suffer for our beauty!) of at in a chair looking at myself under highly lit mirrors fills me with dread and I’ve never been able to say in the past that I’ve enjoyed it in any way. The results yes, the getting there… Oh no. Not a chance!

It doesn’t matter how nice the hairdresser is, or how good the chat, the tea, the biscuit… It’s not about that. For me the sitting looking at myself for hours on end while I scrutinise ever last aspect of my face and the bits I don’t like is just torture. I also find the whole thing just so time consuming and I wish I was able to do some work or anything else that might be even slightly productive. I was like it even as a teenager, I want my hair done badly enough so I do go but it is not something I relish – much like the fact I hate flying but I will get on a plane because I want to sit in the sun more!

So… I put it off. And I put it of… And I put it off some more. By Christmas it had been probably a full six months and my scraggy ends were coupling badly with a big case of root which had grown so large it kind of looked like I had a very poor man’s balayage – it was not a good look which I was made very aware of by my husband, usually a man who will respond to the question ‘what’s new?’ with a worried look on his face as he scrambles through all the obvious ‘Er, hair, shoes, coat, make up, you’ve lost weight?!’ meaning he doesn’t actually notice a thing but he said to me one morning ‘Wow Ruth, your hair is looking really bad, maybe you need to go and do something to it?’

That was it… I needed to get it done and I needed to get it done fast.

In step @SnipsHairAndBeauty who live in Hellesdon in Norwich on City View Road. Literally just around the corner from the big Asda (the one I call hell on earth – it has a McDonalds INSIDE it) and though I’d never heard of the small salon with the gorgeous flower wall before, it came highly recommended to me by my friend Gemma who is a rep with Barkers Hair and Beauty for Matrix products and she told me that Georgia, the 21 year old power house that she is running her own business, is just brilliant at colour and I should go and see her!

So… Along with my friend Cookie, we went to have our barnets blonded for the party seaon and I steeled myself for a boring afternoon. I knew that Georgia was held in great regard and was probably lovely but there’s not much you can do about not really wanting to be somewhere so without it having anything to do with the actual salon or her proprietor, I envisaged an afternoon of endurance rather than enjoyment.

I was wrong… SO WRONG. Admittedly going with a friend is BIG PLUS and I had a massive giggle with my mate but aside from that the bijou element of this salon really added to feeling relaxed and of course Georgia was just as described and totally lovely. She did find a grey hair spot (which wasn’t her fault) and that was honestly the only part of the visit I didn’t enjoy.

Going with a friend makes use of all that time by giving you a chance to chat – if you’re busy mums like Cookie and I then it could actually be invaluable. no noses to wipe, just time to purely chat, what could be better?!

GREAT little salon with Georgia’s expert eye for colour and cutting and the atmosphere was very jolly. Despite the lights I had a blast and came away feeling like a million dollars with my Matrix dyed locks. My hair tends to pick up the golden, orangey tones and though I always explain this to hair dressers and they always say they won’t choose colours which will pick it up it doesn’t ever really seem to work. Only once before have I actually managed a really cool blonde but georgia did it first attempt no worries. The actual blonde I like, it didn’t take 4 hours (more like 3) and the salon was so friendly I felt as ease immediately.


I also got a look at Georgia’s sister’s side of the business doing quick dip acrylic nails and they look AMAZINGLY fast yet perfect. I love beauty and doing things to look good but I hate the time it takes these days. These nails look seriously express and the price list at Snips is FAB too!

So, if you’re in the Norwich area and looking for a salon where the hairdresser KNOWS how to apply colour and make it look as you want then I highly recommend Snips. I loved it, so did Cookie and we came away with a new friend in Georgia I think! Whether you’re after a new do, a trim, a cut, colour or anything else Georgia knows her stuff. She was also telling me all about wanting to do a course in bonding hair for extensions so watch this space. Until then if you’re looking for a bit of extra hair the don’t forget you can buy hairpieces for men and women to change up your look with minimal effort!

Me and Cookie with Georgia from Snips Hair and Beauty in Norwich!

I was gifted a cut and colour in return for a review.