Flobo Is 10!

Flobo Is 10!


Ten years ago, a decade as if that even sounds plausible (it doesn’t), and my beautiful Florence Mary Ladybird made her entrance into the world at Whipps Cross Hospital in East London where I’d insisted on going home to after Christmas in Norwich with family. My labour had started in the early hours of December the 28th and with back and forth visits to the N&N we were given the all clear to travel when it became apparent that she was a baby taking her time. It was snowing, we knew not what we were doing, I was still thinking we’d go ahead with a New Year’s Eve party and if the baby came before or after then that should make no difference! What rookies!

I contracted at the tills in M&S buying party food in South Woodford and then our midwife Suzan told us we really had to give up on the idea of a home birth (and party) and head to hospital. We did as we were bid and at twenty to midnight she came. There were many stories and tales to tell in those hours in-between, like the moment when Jonny asked Suzan if it would go on much longer because he didn’t think he could take much more and when my sister in law arrived to get a key as she had come to our ‘party’ when obviously no one was home, but the end result was my girl. Oh and she was as beautiful then as she is now, inside and out. I knew her instantly like I’d just been waiting for her all my life and by the time fireworks were popping outside to celebrate a new year I was holding her in my arms watching them go off outside the window as the snow also fell and I felt like I was in the most perfect movie. I’ve been in that movie ever since and she, the one who made me a Mummy, has been by my side.

At ten she is beyond everything I could have dreamed of. Poised, talented, kind, funny, dedicated and wise. She really is the most exquisite creature – she is writing a novel and learning piano and acting, singing, dancing, working hard! She thinks about high school and knows where she wants to go. I think she is as far removed from how I was at ten than is humanly possible but yet she is like me too. How funny is that! She is like me but only the good bits, the bad filtered out and made better. I’m biased perhaps but others tell me too. All the time. How fabulous Florence is! I am proud, so very proud!

I just said to Jimmy ‘In ten years more time you will be 17 nearly 18 and wanting to be out with your pals for New Year’s’ – he said ‘No I won’t, I’ll be with my sister at home, it’s her birthday more than New Year!’ and I’ve no idea if she or he will really want to still be with us instead of parties with friends by then but here’s hoping because the last decade went by in such a flash I don’t think I want to blink and be at the point where I don’t get my to the minute picture of her birth!

I will add that picture tomorrow because obviously we have to wait until nearly midnight to get our snap but for now I’ll leave you with these ones of the both of us yesterday in Cromer – Happy birthday my baby girl, at ten you are really quite big but also really quite small still too. We love you so much you lovely thing!

Added in – Me and my girl – 23.40, 31/12/2019 – Ten years to the minute that she was born!