Sofia The First Soundtrack!

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Florence discovered Sophia The First very recently but she has quickly become top of the tree with Doc McStiffins! She loves both of the cartoons and the excellent story lines but what I think is the major draw is the fabulous music in both shows! I have songs from both of them going round my head all day so they’re obviously very catchy but they’re also very, very good! What we love about the ones in Sophia The First is that they sound like proper big musical show numbers! Even Jonny thinks they’re good and as a musician he is VERY particular about music!

Yes they’re a bit American but you know what, who cares! It’s great music and as Rock ‘n’ Roller Babies (because of Daddy is how we got our name) then we just appreciate really good tunes thanks and we don’t mind what accent they’re sung in!

The new Sophia The First CD (to accompany the show) has all of the songs we love from our viewing and few more, obviously from episodes we’ve not seen before. Great then that by the time we do see them we will be able to sing a long! They’re full length songs and we think it’d make a superb Christmas present and great to have in the car! You can also down load the songs individually which is great for iPods, Florence may only be three but she LOVES her iPod shuffle and listens to her music and stories all the time!

Florence and Sophia The First
Florence loves listening to her iPod!

Including the theme tune and other big numbers there are 13 tracks (including two bonus tracks) on the CD.

I have not been paid to write this post but I was sent the CD for the purpose of review.