Tree Fu Tom Ultimate Tom – A Review!

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Florence usually goes for the more girlie options when it comes to her television viewing. She loves pink and sparkly programmes like Doc McStuffins and Sophia The First which I would say is typical for a girl of her age. She’s not wild about the ‘boy programmes’ (her term not mine by the way) and I just put it down to nature rather than nurture as I’ve certainly not encouraged one over the other, it’s just the way she is. There are other programmes that shes fond of which she doesn’t seem to determine as for one gender or the other and one of these is Tree Fu Tom. It’s strange really as if I was looking at them and deciding which was for boys and which for girls then I’m fairly sure i would say Tree Fu Tom is more of a boy thing but as Florence proves, what do I know?

I know that I love the theme tune and at one point it sounds like the singer says ‘Peeping Tom’ which makes me giggle (obviously I KNOW that’s not what she’s really singing but I’m afraid I can’t hear anything else now) and I know it entertains Florence and more recently Jimmy too so whether it’s intended for boys, girls or both, it’s a winner here!

I was asked if I would like to review the new Tree Fu Tom Ultimate Tom toy and I knew that Florence would be pleased so happily accepted!

Ultimate Tom is a poseable figure with pop out wings and plenty of buttons to push which make sounds, music and over 30 Tree Fu Tom phrases! He’s very sturdy and Florence was super pleased, especially as his belt lights up (as does his Holopax)! The wings are brilliant though and pop out when you push the button on his chest. You can then make him fly and as you tilt him he will play the theme tune!

The wings are very cool!
He stands up on his own and has plenty of interesting features and lots of noises!

He’s great and Jimmy is also rather taken with him! It’s great that there are so many different noises and both the children think it’s wonderful and don’t want it turned off. I however have found that the constant music (as he moves he plays) is a bit grating at times but thankfully you can switch him off or even better just onto the demo mode. Demo mode means he says some things but it’s not constant! A great toy for any Tree Fu Tom fan, boy or girl and now Florence wants her own belt and Holopax so it’s a definite hit!

Florence in her fairy outfit playing with Tree Fu Tom proves that he’s not just for boys and Jimmy is rather taken with him too!

I have not been paid to write this post but I was sent the toy for the purpose of review.