Skwooshi – A Review!

Florence absolutely loves arts and crafts and modelling dough is on of her faves! She could easily sit for hours upon hours playing with it which is fabulous and she so enjoys it. Sometimes we make it ourselves and other times we use shop bought dough, both are equally as fun but both are fairly messy it has to be said. I really like encouraging her to play with messy things, especially when it’s something creative because I know she gets so much from it but I do always worry about the mess. I probably get a bit grumpy whenever any of the dough goes on the floor which is rubbish really, she should be able to play with things like that and not have a Mummy running round cleaning up underneath her all the time!

In my defence, we have a fairly light coloured carpet and I like to keep it in pristine condition otherwise it would just look awful! So, I do try to let the dough come out (and the glue, glitter and paint) and try not to get annoyed while trying to minimise the mess along the way. It would be great to just leave her to create that mess and clear up at the end but with dough that could get trampled into the carpet I haven’t been able to. Until now…

Skwooshi is a new type of modelling dough which is completely mess free. Yep, MESS FREE! Promise! To boot it will never dry out (our other problem in the past) and as well as being able to use it for regular modelling, rolling, printing, cutting etc. You can also Skwoosh it!

Skwooshi Dough
We were sent the Activity Set which Florence thinks is fab!

It’s fabulously strange in texture and feels dry yet it rolls and can be modelled in exactly the same way as any other modelling dough. But… When you pull it apart you will notice that the compound is entirely different and much like when you put cornflour in water and watch it go from solid lump to runny drizzle and back again as you handle it, this also forms, crumbles and re-forms… You can stretch it, pull it, crumble it… It’s most bizarre but brilliant and the best bit is that it DOESN’T create any mess. It just picks right up.

Skwooshi Dough 3
Roll it, crumble it…
Skwooshi Dough 2
Model it, stretch it, sprinkle it…
Skwooshi Dough 1
Bits on the carpet cannot be rubbed into it! They just pick right up!

I am so impressed and Florence thinks it’s utterly wonderful! The kit we have comes with three colours, loads of cutters and tools and boxes to keep the dough in although it doesn’t dry out if not put away of course! One thing I would change would be to make the packaging a re-usable tub that all the bits can be stored in but apart from that it’s brill! It’s also gluten and wheat free so if any it consumed by allergy sufferers then it won’t be harmful for them!

Skwooshi Dough 4
Florence thinks Skwooshi is great fun!

I have not been paid to write this post but I was sent the product for the purpose of review.