Summer 2020 With Protest!

Summer 2020 With Protest!

I’m not usually one for wishing time away and often find myself arguing the point with my Mum, who doesn’t find much joy in winter and autumn, that we should enjoy every season and soak up all the colours with each change. She finds the darker months bleak and can’t get into her garden when the weather is bad so looks forward always to spring and summer. I have to say that right now with this lockdown, I am rather joining her. Spring is out obviously but I find myself willing the time to pass so that we can find our summer, some sunshine and hopefully some freedom again. I don’t resent being on lockdown and want to do my bit to fight the virus but I also am going to be very relieved when it is over!

I am envisaging when it finally does end I shall be taking the small things we might otherwise take for granted and be bigging them up – I think it might actually be quite beautiful. Trips to the park, sunshine and lazy days in the garden and, because we are very lucky and live near the beach, simple strolls along the coast. I would love an abroad holiday but this year I will take my sunshine on British beaches and be glad for it. So… While I look forward to those days I also look forward to updating my wardrobe accordingly – something I also always look forward to with the changing of the seasons. Just as I can’t wait by the end of summer to get my black tights and boots on these spring days are promising me bikinis and flip flops that make me champ at the bit to get those summer days in the here and now and these spring lockdown moments behind us.

I long for lazy beach days!

One thing we can do, though we can’t do much right now, is shop on line with reputable brands who look after their staff. One such company is Protest, new to me but so far I love what I see and I love that they are looking after their staff in this precarious time so shopping with them is a pleasure. Started by a group of snowboarding friends this is small business done good and right now be assured that they are doing their bit to help with the virus. Keeping their employees working and getting paid they have sent everyone home to work from there and when it comes to the warehouse great changes have been met to ensure safety. Two teams are working alternately in shifts so there is less people working at the same time and they have stopped all shipping to outlets. So, if you’re looking for a new triangle bikini to wear on the beach when we finally are allowed to go, then this is a really ethical place! I’m totally in!

I haven’t worn a bikini for absolutely years and have intead always opted for a swimsuit or a tankini. I think after having children and never really feeling that great about how I looked I just wasn’t that confident however… I have lost a stone and a half recently by eating less and moving more and I think this is the year a bikini might have to come into play again… Albeit perhaps a bikini with a bit of a push up quality!

I’m still deciding on the swimwear option but I have also picked up some other lovely beach attire from Protest that I can’t wait to put into proper use. I had a last trip to a deserted beach on Mother’s Day where I got to see the glorious colours of my new towel on the pebbles but when photographing me new sun dress it had to be a lockdown pose in the garden I’m afraid! See my lovely summer Protest haul below and know that as soon as I can take them out to play on the beach I will – beach days are a coming, I know it and you too can make some special Protest purchases ahead of time WITH a delicious discount – use rock10 at the checkout to receive 30% off their online shop until June 2020 – hopefully by then we will be allowed back on the beaches where we belong in summer, basking in sunshine – here’s hoping!

This is the Attention Dress (£34.99) in black with the Bilberry Bag (£34.99) and the Plum Hat (19.99)!
I love the hat, I think as you get older it’s so important to wear one and protect the skin!
I really like the back of the casual dress – just up my surfy street!
I am also in love with my new Pomelo Towel (£22.99) which is material and dries super quickly! It’s a real burst of summer colour!
It does look best on the beach of course!

Soon my friends, just a couple of months and then the freedom of the beach can envelope us all in a big hug and I for one am going to have my wardrobe ready!