Lockdown Diary Week 1!

Lockdown Diary Week 1!

So, one whole week has passed with us only leaving the house for essential items and one family walk per day. I can’t lie, it’s been hard. Far harder than I thought it would be and I have to admit that my own mood has not always been exemplary. Jonny is far better at this kind of stress than I and my temper has been lost more than once. The children are coping well but my snapping at them hasn’t been good and really and truly they’ve been pretty well behaved. I’ve snapped at everyone. I don’t really know why the adjustment has hit me so hard but it really has and I have had it confirmed that I do not do doing nothing with ease. I am a busy bee always out and about so to be cooped up inside is quite stifling but I will get there. Well, I’ll have to!

We haven’t done too much academic work just some fun science with cooking and a bit of art. I tried to make the children write a daily diary but it hasn’t been well received by them and the process of making them do it is torture for us all. I decided that the other mums on line who are shouting about their beautifully curated time tables and wonderful home learning approach are beyond me and I don’t have any advice or content to add to that camp.

Neither am I wanting to become one of the slum mums who does nothing, I am a do-er but I am not a teacher so I am taking the road that tells me being a middling mum is really quite alright. We can do stuff when we can and we will watch T.V when we can’t. I’d say we would get a McDonalds to celebrate one whole week of this but obviously that is closed too so I will subject my family to more of my cooking and keep trying to feel the positivity I know is key to getting through this.

I promise though that it hasn’t been all doom and gloom looking at my watch at only 1pm wondering why it doesn’t say hours and hours later. The sun has shone and we have smiled and enjoyed being in each other’s company too. We are lucky, very lucky. We have a garden and we have each other and my Mum is safe at her own house getting a rest from the crazy of us – hopefully so that she can enjoy being with us all the more as soon as this is over. I miss her and don’t like not seeing her so soon may this be over I hope and we will all be able to relax and be around each other again.

I think I turned a corner over the weekend with a couple of VERY large gins, some dancing and the hangover to go with it I somehow seem to be feeling like the fog is lifting. It is what it is after all…

Unprecedented times. We are living through an historical moment. I will not be the one who moaned her way ALL the way through it so from this moment on I am picking myself up, looking at all we achieved last week and saying it will be ok. Because it will!

We begin every day with The Body Coach!
And have been out for a scoot, ride, run or walk every afternoon!
The daily exercise has broken things up for us!
Jimmy learned to ride his bike!
A mega moment!
Jonny and the kiddos built a tent. And decorated it!
It proved a bit of a turning point day in the week for me!
As I sort of came to terms with the idea of not leaving the house!
The children all just had such a lovely time!
And the sun shining as we rinsed Raffie off in the sink made everything feel so much better!
We are lucky that we have our lovely house to be in, the garden and the sun!
We tried some science!
We await the flowers to change colour!
Saturday night pizza and Ant and Dec followed up with a kitchen disco was fun!