Tyre safety Tips you need to know now

Tyre safety Tips you need to know now

Everyone likes perfection in everything they do whether it’s a work related task, family job or even simply just looking after their car. For those of us living in UK counties like Essex this can be quite tricky as we face unsettled weather including winds, rainfall, snow and sunshine, even in June – we are never sure of the good ole British forecast and we can never guarantee our seasons weather wise so we have to adapt. When it comes to car safety maintenance it makes a whole lot of extra work, especially when taking care of our car’s tyres.

Uncertain weather like snow or rainfall requires you to have good quality tyres so that the rubber can thrive in all conditions. Checks for tyre safety are very important, I have been in a position myself where my tyres needed changing desperately and I had no idea. My local garage told me I was so close to them bursting and I never even knew! There are some major tyre safety tips you should be practicing so take a look below:

Firstly, if you are driving a car you need to check if your tyres have a proper level of air pressure in them. A balanced amount of tyre pressure means that tyres should not be over inflated with excessive air OR under inflated causing them to flatten out too quickly… Therefore, this regular check before you make a journey is necessary.

Once this lockdown is over we should be getting rid of old tyres and many local brands can help us do that. One such place Jet Wheel Tyre for buying car tyres in Essex (01268988535). Their friendly staff will guide you on whatever queries you have related to tyre quality will be able to guide you on whatever queries you have related to your tyre quality.

Another tyre tip for those who live in Essex is how very important it is for you to look at the tread depth of your tyres – I remember this being told to me during my driving lessons but it’s something I neglected and was one of the main reasons I recently needed my tyres changing. Tread depth is used to protect the tyre from unnecessary materials or in some cases the entering of excessive rain water or snow making it wet. According to certain laws the minimum tread depth that you should have is 1.6mm. It will keep the tyre protected from incoming material that will harm it.

A last important thing you need to take care of wen it comes to the safety of your tyres is the rubber quality used in their make up. A good rubber will help your tyre in having an efficient rolling resistance over difficult terrains. For this, you need to buy branded tyres of good quality, making your life easier in the long run. There are many tyre dealers for you to choose a brand that suits your needs so do take a look into this one.

I love driving but hate the maintenance, thing is, we do all have to be grown ups and sort out the boring bits too. I promise you that sinking feeling when your tyre goes is not a good one, I recently popped a tyre on a pot hole which couldn’t be helped but it may have made it easier for me that I did have good quality tyres for my car.