Summer Holidays 2020 – Week Three!

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Ordinarily at the end of week three in a summer holiday and I’d be thinking how sad it was that we re already half way through as the time ha gone so fast but actually, this year, with our 7 week stint we aren’t at the half way point yet and I’m pleased! We’ve been swimming for the first time since lockdown, seen friends for a mini festival and camp in the garden, gone for a couple of fun days out, enjoyed some meals out taking advantage of the new government “Eat Out To Help Out” scheme and generally just enjoyed the sunshine of which there has been plenty. Of course the forecast is now a little less sunny just as we are going off on a camping trip! Typical! We’ve had lots of fun this week, here’s what we got up to!

Well, with the government’s 50% off eat out to help out scheme we’d have been rude not to goon the first day and take advantage of it so a Zak’s supper it was for us! We will skim over the inflated taxes we will be charged at a later date and the strange juxtaposition old BoJo has put everyone in by telling people not be overweight, to exercise and get fit but to also dine out Royally!
Tuesday was day one at Cookie Fest! Cookie invited us and Sophie with our gangs over for a mini festival and camp in the garden!
As eber Cookie’s effort levels were through the roof!
From food to craft and other activities she excelled herself!
Kiddos just had the most brilliant time!
As did we all – she set up this little area for me and Jonny as it was our ten year anniversary from our legal wedding – we usually make a big deal of the white wedding date in September but always do a little happy dance for this one too and this was so thoughtful!
What fun we all had!
Adults as much as children!
And the day finished perfectly with movies on the projector screen!
Before we woke up in our tents on Wednesday to a yummy breakfast!
The headline act!
And all decided that Cookie Fest has to happen every year!
We also had a very special appointment on Wednesday afternoon… Meet Rocknroller Baby the 4th – coming February 2021 by special delivery straight from lockdown!
Thursday my EDP column came out!
And we had a lush day at Roarr Dinosaur Adventure!
Where we took a couple of pictures to announce our news!
The children (big kids, Raff thinks it’s a picture of a cow) are mega excited!
We all had such a lovely day!
Something for everyone at Roarr!
And tthe splash zone being open on such a sunny day was SO welcome!
Friday was catching some of our best friends on holiday from London to Norfolk for a day at the beach I don’t think I’ve ever been in a photograph with my friend Carly without hugging her before – COVID safe catch ups!
The day was beyond hot. 32 on the beach – 36 in Norwich!
But of course the beach is the place to be – look at these surf chicks!
And Raffie the water baby!
There was a lot of dam building!
And ice cream treats that turn your tongue blue – what more could a kid want?!
One of my best friend’s since I was 12 turns 40 on the 11th and we were supposed to party in her garden with a band and perform a song together – alas COVID and we had a civilised afternoon tea party on Saturday in her garden instead with just a few. It was lovely!
Aunday was a family day at Pensthorpe Natural Park – loved it as always!

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