Win 3 Mysteries In Time Subscription Boxes!

Win 3 Mysteries In Time Subscription Boxes!

Fancy winning your family a 3 month subscription to the fab Mysteries In Time boxes, then read on! I think we all know as parents that teaching our kids from home can be stressful but these boxes make the job a breeze – my big kids think they’re ace!

A time machine box of goodies!
With everything you need inside to learn about history from a really fun starting point!

I don’t think there can be a parent in the land who now does not have a tiny bit of experience at home schooling and with that experience, for me, came the knowledge that it really isn’t easy! I used to fantasise about taking my children out of school and us being these sort of bare foot and care free souls who learned simply by walking along the shore line finding fossils as we enjoyed each other’s company in the process. Unfortunately the reality hit wasn’t quite as picture perfect!

I think I can safely say that over lockdown all in this house did not have an agreeable experience and we all shed tears at various points. Our school set learning but from a home environment this was very difficult and not in any way fun. It was a case of ground hog day as we did the English task, completed the maths for the day and then did the daily challenges for spelling, times tables and reading. I have to admit the topic work set for Georgraphy, science and history simply didn’t even get a look in. By the time we’d finished English and maths each day we’d be spent and looking to do something else just wasn’t going to be an enjoyable experience with enough benefit to ensure we endured it.

Learning from home, alone, in this manner was not great for my children and yet I don’t have the skill set to be able to reliably have made it better myself. I felt like a failure and they felt bored, bored and more bored. My husband is now a newly qualified teacher but at the time of lockdown was completing his own coursework so the job fell to me and frankly, I could have used some help that simply wasn’t at my disposal – that I knew of. If we were to go into this situation again I would very definitely be doing things differently but it’s easy to say that with hindsight isn’t it. IF we ever have to do this again my teaching approach is going to be less regimented and more focussed on fun and perhaps I will entirely abandon the traditional curriculum school work for something else. I hope not to be in that position again but just in case and frankly for my children’s own good anyway, we will be doing some form of learning at home (in a fun way instead of forced) as a result of being thrown into this. I hope it will be a little silver lining to all those awful days of sitting at the table trying to force them to do something I didn’t really understand and they didn’t really want to do – so we have introduced our own style of learning like baking, watching documentaries and even the bare foot fossil hunting in order to create a calm equilibrium when it comes to learning at home.

As part of this they have been trying out the Mysteries In Time subscription boxes which are aimed at kids aged 7 to 11. They haven’t done a dot of history in nearly 6 months and I have felt guilty for their lack of education but at the same time I refuse to force them to “work” traditionally from home any more. These sub boxes are more focussed on the fun and the learning is a by product that goes unnoticed much in the same way my spag bol has a shed load of blitzed up and undetectable veggies! When I first showed it to them they groaned thinking it would be “sat at the table working with Mummy” again but then they looked properly and soon were rather hooked!

Eager eyes!

And you can win a very generous 3 month bumper box sub of Myseries in Time simply by entering the Rafflecopter below – go, go, go! Only 3 weeks of the summer left and who knows when school goes back exactly how much time they will actually be IN school – this could be a real help!

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