Summer Holidays 2022 – Week 1!

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Summer Holidays 2022 – Week 1!

We kicked off week one of the holidays with a massive drive to Herefordshire and the Nozstock festival where we joined our lovely friends from the Cookie Crumbles gang. A weekend of kids going feral and having awesome fun with lots of freedom and loads of getting grubby ensued. It was hard work, as camping and festival life is with children, but it was also masses of fun and we loved being with our friends while giving the children such a wonderful experience with their friends too. I wouldn’t want to end the holidays on this level of chaos but it’s the perfect way to start it before we end with relaxation. That’s the way to do it!

The rest of the week was about getting some jobs done, buying school shoes, seeing mates (for all of us) and day trips to Wroxham Barns and Pensthorpe, as well as recovering from the camping/festival life that left us super tired with massive smiles on our faces! We love being off school and love even more that we’ve begun the holidays with such a blast!

The Nozstock gang!
Festival life!
Foodie central!
A little bit of freedom!
A lot of fun!
Brilliant friends!
Family time!
A trip to Wroxham Barns!
Their sunflower meadow!
A family picnic when there – of course!
And loads of fun!
Especially the new foam party!
Wednesday was about meeting friends in the park as well as Gymboree and swimming!
Posie’s pals and their siblings!
For a round of mini golf!
And ice cream!
Lots of smiles!
A bit of competition!
And flouting the rules!
Thursday we went to Pensthorpe with my lovely friend Lucie and her gang!
7 children between us, all different ages, and they all get on like a dream!
Brilliant day with brilliant people!
Friday and we got a boring job done, the shoe shopping for back to school which turned out to be MEGA exciting for Raffie, and a bit of uniform shopping too!
Raffie was SO excited and LOVES his new shoes!
Genuinely, it’s just SO easy at Startrite!
More shoes and hand me downs for Posie from my great friend!
Then onto the park for some more time with besties!
Raffie and his lovely friend from nursery who are going to be in the same class at school together are just like an old married couple!
Slide love!
So little but how can they be going to big school?!
Daddy met us for the ride home and Jimmy had come to the park too while Florence declined in favour of a bit of down time – well deserved after a letter from school to say she had won a prize for progress!
In Tallulah the Thule!
We finished the week with a trip to the cinema courtesy of Raffie’s friend’s Mummy who works there and gave us some tickets. Just the big kids treat evening while the littlest went to Granny and Papa for a few hours. Elvis was EXCELLENT and it was lovely to dedicate some time to the big two!

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