Back To School With Start-Rite 2022!

Back To School With Start-Rite 2022!

I’m going to level with you, I HATE talking about “back to school” when we’ve only just broken up (or worse, when the shops start promoting it before they’ve even finished) however, unfortunately the deed to get ready is entirely necessary, especially when you have a larger family like mine.

The school shoe shopping is probably the main biggie and so we have got it over and done with nice and early and I’m happy to report that it was hassle free, fast and everyone came away happy. Thank goodness for Start-Rite! Now here in Norwich, where Start-Rite heralds, they have been trading for 230 years so they know what they’re doing as they have pioneered innovation in children’s shoes for decades. They are a brand which is local to me but nationwide and I know that I can trust them when it comes to the children’s feet. Could you buy cheaper in the supermarket? Yep. You could however, I know when I buy Start-Rite that they will last all year, my kids will be comfortable and there will be plenty of choice so everyone gets something they like as well as something they need.

I visited the Start-Rite outlet in Norwich where I made two appointments for the children as each half hour slot will accommodate two kiddos for measuring, finding the right pair, and fitting. The big two needed new school shoes and knew exactly what they wanted, Raffie was there to pick up his very first pair (oh my, my heart) and we also needed a pair for winter for little Miss Posie Pops who until now has had such small feet she could only wear the pre-walker shoes. Hurrah for success all round as we found 4 perfect pairs inside just one of the appointment slots and with Sam, our fitter for the day, we were done and dusted and back to holiday fun, not thinking about school, in no time! Brilliant!

4 pairs of perfect shoes with 4 pairs of happy eyes! Raffie is quite literally over the moon with his and also, with his new canvas shoes which we picked up in the discounted room at the back of the outlet store for just £12. The discount room is full of last year’s designs at heavily discounted prices and even included school shoes there too although there is less choice of course. However when it comes to saving pennies then this is the place to be!

It is about saving those pennies at the moment isn’t it?! And in the long run I think a Start-Rite investment is very good value for the durability and the fact they fit them so well. They also allow half a size ectra in school shoes to give you that room to grow meaning they last even longer. They of course expertly fit these to make sure that half a size will wirk (it wouldn’t for the style Florence chose but for everyone else it was a winner) and we had, as always, a great experience. Well done Startrite!

Back to school in general and for me it’s all about the shoes as we always need them because the Start-Rite ones last a whole year for us. They’d last longer if they didn’t grow, trust me! The other things I do when it comes to going back to school are minimal but… These are my tops tips:

1 – Don’t buy stuff you don’t need just for the sake of it!

It’s SO been the done thing to buy all new uniform for a new year but actually in this current climate what’s the point? Money is to be used sparingly and if your kids still fit and they aren’t threadbare then buy the essentials only. Raffie is a new starter so is having the lot but the others are having new only a need basis. Bags, trousers and jumpers are all fine so that’s where we are sticking. Same with water bottles and PE kits. Frugality as well as being eco friendly and it saves pounds!


Stuff gets lost in a Bermuda triangle vortex at school. I don’t know how but they leave stuff everywhere and from pots in lunch boxes to shoes (although now they don’t change for PE and go in ready that has minimised which is good), to coats, books and jumpers – you name it, if it can be put down, it can go AWOL! So put their name inside everything and however you do that, with a stamp (organised), a Cricut iron on (just because I love my Cricut) or written in with a Biro, it’s quite literally the most important job!

3 – Buy a bottle that doesn’t leak!

I know, it’s like saying grow a unicorn horn but if you can find one with the least leakage potential then grab it even if it costs mega bucks. Leaking water bottles are the pits and yet so many simply don’t work properly and allow spills. It’s especially hard with littler ones like Raff who find opening bottle harder. I’ve discovered ION leakproof ones which are SO overpriced it’s untrue but they work AND are easy for little hands!

4 – Get lunches and breakfast prepped the night before!

Sounds simple but still I manage to forget or wane as the week goes on after a flying start for a Monday but honestly, it does help. Do the packed lunches the night before and get out bowls and cereals ready too. Saves eons!

5 – Don’t sweat the small stuff!

As long as you have shoes and the basics, everything else can be picked up later on. Just wing it and see what happens, no one will be in trouble if they don’t have a specific ruler on day one but discover they do actually need one. Don’t sweat the small stuff, getting everyone out the house on time is enough!

And that there ends my top tips for back to school which I now won’t be thinking about until September thank you very much – aside from when I’m prizing Raffie’s school shoes off his feet as he wants to wear them now. It’s the glow in the dark spiders I think, they’ve totally mesmerised him and when I asked what he’s most looking forward to about big school his response was “wearing my new shoes that you won’t let me wear yet!” – we only bought them yesterday but they’ve had a big impact!

Look what styles they went for!

Sketch in black leather (£52) for Florence!
Jimmy went for the Rhino Sherman (£62)!
It was Tarantula (£48) with those glow in the dark spiders for Raffie! These have a great inner sole which comes out to be placed on the floor to check the child’s foot still fits half way through the year!
And for Posie the Lottie in navy blue leather (£52) from the Startrite heritage collection which has always been a stalwart for them. I’ve just noticed that in silver, gold and yellow they are half price on line and I’m having to really stop myself because she doesn’t need them in gold, silver or yellow but… But… But!

Just all totally gorgeous, built to last and shoes I know will be taking them through to this time next year when I will have to think about this again then, but for now I am Romeo done! School shoe shopping – TICK! Now go and make your appointment and join me over this side of the organised fence where I shall remain for a tiny while until I come unravelled on absolutely everything else!

Oh and P.S, Don’t forget about that heavy discount in the outlet (which is online too) – up to 70% off in the summer sale! In store they had plenty of sandals, first shoes, canvas shoes and LOADS of school shoes too!

Raffie, as it happened, DID need a new pair of shoes for summer so £12 reduced from £25 and these are his!

We were gifted the school shoes and Posie’s first outside shoes.

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