ONK Baby And Toddler Reins!

ONK Baby And Toddler Reins!

Once a baby starts walking it can be very tricky to persuade them to sit in the buggy, at least it does seem to be that way in my house at any rate. Until they’re much older and you want them to walk when they revert and want to get in the seat for a lazy push! Go figure…

Posie has NEVER wanted to be in a buggy. Or a car seat, high chair or anything else which restricts her and even as a babe of 3 weeks old she was hooking her leg out of the bassinet on the pram in a bid for freedom. She was just always searching for independence and after crawling at 5 months she took her first steps the day after she turned 10 months old and there’s literally been no stopping her since! Of course, with this there comes a level of worry because she’s a runner. I want to give her the freedom she craves but sometimes it’s just not appropriate and yet if she’s her mind set on walking (rather than being carried, never in a buggy, don’t be daft) then she’s pretty darn strong willed. My Mum has been saying to try reins for absolutely ages and when Posie is with her she has been using an old set that were mine. They’re fine but not particularly well thought about and though they are adjustable, at 40 years old they just aren’t as good as reins are today. In step ONK!

ONK are a family brand designed by a Mum with a toddler owning the freedom desire and they come fully adjustable on the shoulder as well as around the body, with a fastening which can be done up at the front, or the back and a strap which is just long enough for me to hold onto Posie while she has the freedom to walk but which if I drop it won’t get under her feet. They’re also pretty stylish and come in all sorts of colours and prints. We went for the pink leopard print (£16.99) but they come in a plethora of options. Why be boring eh!

There are so many reasons to have a good pair of reins for little ones but another is that for us we have found they also keep her more tightly in high chairs and buggies when we don’t want her to be walking around. The baby is a little Houdini and can get out of most things and these have added an extra barrier for her to break free from, something she hasn’t managed yet!

Love the harness and also love the matching phone strap. Such a cool idea! The ONK website also has lots of help and assistance for fitting which is very helpful!


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