Summer Holidays 2023 – Week 2!

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Summer Holidays 2023 – Week 2!

Week two (or 4 if you’re Florence) has been far, far quieter than I would ideally like. If it were up to me no one would go anywhere without the rest of us and we’d be stuck together like glue all the time. The reality is though that as the big kids get older they want to do different things, sometimes with their mates and sometimes they just want to stay at home and do nothing. So, I kind of implement a rule that we do all have at least some time together each week noting that the big ones need to do the things they enjoy too. As a result Florence really wanted to do a musical theatre workshop week and knowing that Jimmy would love to do a football week too I agreed as long as they both did the same week. Of course Raffie wanted to do football too so the upshot left us home alone with just the baby. We used the week then to do lots of work, both proper work and in the garden and at home to make sure that when everyone is off next week and we are away in Cornwall camping, no one has to think about the boring stuff. I swam every morning and worked hard while still entertaining Posie and we had some fun moments while we also all got ready for a week away in a tent – oh wish us luck – the car is packed to within an inch! We rounded the week off with a sleepover for Flo and Jimmy scored a hat trick for his team. Bring on Cornwall!

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