Top Of The Shop At Lands’ End!

Top Of The Shop At Lands’ End!

Without doubt I get compliments every single time I wear something from Lands’ End. People actually stop me in the street when I wear my multi coloured rain mac and when I am (frequently) asked about it online too, I’m often sent messages of disappointment that it is old stock now and no longer on sale. That’s the thing you see, old stock and no longer on sale it may be, but out of style it will never become.

Lands’End create such stylish and iconic pieces that they will fit the wardrobe whatever the season or style. And I love that. It’s far removed from fast fashion, instead creating lasting pieces that can be worn and worn. I’ll never forget reading the words of an “eco fashion blogger” once whose “top tip” was to “wear clothes for a second season!” I suspect she was in the wrong field, I wear clothes which I’ve had since I was 18, they’ve been going for over two decades of seasonings and that’s the way to really do it! Buy right once and then a repeat isn’t necessary.

Of course, with fashion we will always want new items too, but as a main goal this is a good one and Lands’ End help contribute to that buying right once vibe. Their clothes are not only so stylish they look good on season after season, but they are well made so they continue to actually BE good regardless of the amount of washing and wear.

This summer I’ve been working with the brand again (I know, so lucky) on the promotion of their Women’s Tops and T Shirts. I chose to try their simple black vests as this is such a staple item for me and yet one which I seem forever buying again for because they just aren’t very nice material or after one or two washes the elastic just seems to wane. Not so when giu buy decent ones and these super soft cotton pack of 3 from Lands’ End are serving me very well. Black black they have stayed as inky after a wash as they were off the shelf (a common problem with vest tops I’ve bought in the past is that they seem to fade immediately) and they fit nicely. They are on the bigger side (I’m wearing a small and am a size 10) but still they skim over the skin well and look sleek. I like! I would, however, size down next time to an XS rather than a S.

The 3 pack of Women’s Cotton Vest Tops costs just £30 at the moment down from £50!

As we have a couple of beach holidays this year in the finer, British Riviera style resorts of Polzeath in Cornwall (where we are now) and a holiday cottage later on in the summer in Southwold, I wanted to get something to fit me in with the vibe of the areas. It’s surfy and preppy, and of course, England, so not that warm! I chose a multitude of hoodies and jumpers to see me sitting on the beach regardless, slotting in nicely with the rich and famous faces we’ve been seeing!

This is the Women’s Serious Sweats Sweatshirt Tunic in Hot Pink Stripe and I’m wearing a size S – £13!

I love all of them and will wear them on the school run mum side of life too. They’re comfy, gorgeous to look at with interesting colours rather than the standard boring blue or black my uniform ideal usually sets me to and they make me feel good because there’s that green cycle of look good/feel good/look even better! I love that!

love this Women’s Heritage Jersey Hooded Top in the colourway Ivory Founders Stripe – I’m wearing a size S again and it costs £24 down from £60!

Another from the Women’s Serious Sweats collection is the Popper Placket Popover Top in Evening Blue Ivory – Another size S and this one is £25.

It’s been a pleasure, as always, working with Lands’ End again and I just know you’ll agree, the clothes are great!


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