Summer With Femme Luxe!

Summer With Femme Luxe!

I’m busy getting ready for my holiday in a few weeks time which, contrary to the seeming fashion, I do want to be trim and toned for. I want to feel good on the beach instead of whale like and if I’m walking about in a bikini (I intend to be – come on British weather) then I just want to have put a bit of work in beforehand to make myself feel as good about my body as possible. I’m all for looking like a real person, a woman of 41 (gaaawd I’ll be 42 by then) who’s had 4 children and I’m realistic, I don’t expect my body to jump back to the picture of perfection it was when I was 20 years younger but I DO like to look after myself. There was a time there when I think I let the media and the so called “body positivity” movement give me an excuse to let myself go a bit and I wasn’t happy. It was easy to eat and not exercise but these days I’m all for eating less and moving more. I feel better, healthier and I absolutely look younger and fitter for being a bit more slim line. So… Exercise and eating well, that’s my ticket this year!

I don’t do masses of exercise, my main squeeze in that area being swimming and… Coupled with lockdown AND a new baby that’s been a bit of an impossibility but I do do conditioning every day with a bit of barre work (using my bed frame to hold onto – nothing pro) and, a lot of power walking with a toddler or a baby in a sling! I like the Co Ord sets from Femme Luxe, the ones with shorts and draw string tops to do power walking which is what I’ll be doing every morning on holiday to combat the treats I WILL be having because, well, holiday!

Another outfit I’ve been admiring and saving from holiday will take me barefoot from the beach and with some heels to a restaurant in the evenings. I never knew I was a Bodycon Midi Dress kind of gal yet here I am and I LOVE it!

And finally when it comes to dressing up I do like to take myself out of my comfort zone from time to time. I’m all for shopping my own wardrobe (it’s years old and quite extensive after all) but a little mix up is this corset which is cropped and will go with my usual wont of a midaxi length skirt. Why the heck not eh?!

I feel like buying clothes is often a chore, especially when I’d rarely have the opportunity to go out and choose something in the shops alone so on-line shopping is the way forward for me and with Femme Luxe you are grabbing bargains as well as high fashion that is delivered in the blink of an eye and with an easy returns policy. They have everything from stuff to slouch around the house in (I love my Grey Loungewear) to all the fun of dressing up for a night out, from dresses and skirts to a Milkmaid Top and beyond.

I have been so enjoying shopping this way for a while now and I can’t wait for a bit of sunshine and sand to really make the most of my purchases!

In collaboration with Femme Luxe.