Bring Me Sunshine At Pizza Express This Summer!

Everyone who knows us knows that we LOVE Pizza Express and it’s not just on my blog that I wax lyrical about the brilliance of their family dining experience. I’m always championing taking kids out for dinner and ALWAYS recommending Pizza Express as the perfect place to go whether in person or on social media! I think, and most importantly my kids think, it’s utterly, utterly fabulous!

In fact when I mentioned to Florence this morning that we were going to have our meal there this evening she did a little ‘Pizza Express‘ victory dance around the living room. Not because it’s been a tremendously long time since our last visit (gosh no, we’re there far more than my waist band requires) but because she really does just love everything about the experience. From the kid’s menu at such a reasonable price where they are given a bambinoccino (just frothy milk but it’s ALL about the bambinoccino) at the end of the meal they choose dough ball starters with a pizza or pasta dish followed by a yummy pud and they feel very grown up doing so. This is not ‘kiddie’ food, it’s ‘kiddie’ portions which is just what my children like. They don’t want to be fobbed off with something sub standard to taste just because they are little and Pizza Express understand just this!

They also get the fact that kids need something to keep them entertained while they wait for the food and entertaining packs with puzzles and colouring as well as stickers (every child loves a sticker just as every child loves a torch… Not sure why but they do)! And they also very often bring the little one’s food out before the grown ups when they can which is perfection!

Hard at work waiting for her yummy food!

I love how each Pizza Express is different in decor but how the food remains positively perfect wherever you go. I have dishes that we can rely on (polenta chips – always have to have those) and I love trying new ones too as well as always mentioning in every review (I’m hopeful, always hopeful) that I’d love it if they brought back my favourite of all time, the Monte Bianco. They do from time to time bring back old favourites which is always fun and they are also pretty great at bringing out exciting new dishes.


Our latest meal and we tasted the delights of the summer. We’ve tried the summer menu before of course but there are STILL dishes we haven’t yet tasted so it was the perfect time to get our nibblers on some of these and have yet another enjoyable meal! Yum!

The olives are always how we start a meal at PE and this latest marinade makes them super delicious!
Sadly I can’t drink alcohol at the moment but there are two summer soft drinks and the cucumber one is divine. My Mum on the other hand enjoyed their new Gin Fizz which is similar to the cucumber virginal supper but with the added kick of Bombay Sapphire, her favourite gin of all time!
We LOVE the summer version of the sharing platter anti pasti for a starter although the children really do need to learn that this one is for the grown ups and stick to their dough balls!
The kids love the dough balls (when they’ve finished pinching salami)!
As you can see, this one is particularly impressed, especially when he gets a Siamese pair!
Of course Pizza Express HAS to be all about the pizzas and while the little ones tucked into their mini Piccolo versions Jonny tried the super hot and tasty Pollo Forza – he said the smoked chilli and chicken was the perfect combination!
My Mum went for the Pollo Pest (without the pesto)! I love how accommodating they always are and will adjust the recipe to your taste where possible! She said she wants to have this every time now, it’s a new fave!
And I went for the suped up version of the Pollo Salad with the fantastic addition of roquito pearls – yummo! I’ve always loved this salad but the new recipe is amazing!
Then of course comes pud! This summer version of a Tiramisu with strawberries instead of coffee hits all the sweet spots!
While the kids enjoyed ice cream and of course… The Bambinoccio which although just warm frothy milk, seems to make the meal for them in a way that if I made it at home it never would…

So… Yet again Pizza Express is giving us all the smiles and we will be back. Oh of that I am sure! If the sun isn’t shining outside (what is WRONG with the British summer huh?!) then get yourself to Pizza E for some of their sunshine and you won’t regret it!

We were invited to Pizza Express.