The Wind In The Willows Musical!

We kicked off our summer holidays in STYLE yesterday by taking a trip to London for the show of the summer! The Wind In The Willows is on at the Palladium theatre for the holiday period and we absolutely loved it.

No, we LOVED it!

Florence and Jimmy outside the London Palladium just before curtain up on The Wind In The Willows musical yesterday!

This new musical based on the famous Kenneth Grahame novel is a Julian Fellowes collaboration (well, if he’s good enough for Downton) and stars Rufus Hound as the amazing Toad of Toad Hall (could you get better casting?) with the wonderfully stage renowned Gary Wilmot as wise old Badger, Simon Lipkin as Ratty, Craig Mather as Mole and Denise Welch as Mrs Otter… Of course I can’t not mention Neil McDermott as the Chief Weasel because ‘baddie’ or not, he pretty much steals the show – just as he did when he played Lord Farquaad in Shrek!

The Palladium Theatre, a stones throw from Oxford Circus on Argyll Street, is possibly one of the most exciting theatres to sit in regardless of what’s playing on the stage. Hugely beautiful with a swirling sound as the performance bounces around the vast and dramatic auditorium, it’s an awe inspiring visit from the moment you take your seats. We sat in the stalls, 6th row from the front and have to say we had the perfect view but I took a little wander around and the seats are perfectly placed for wherever you’re sat. Treating yourself to a stalls ticket for this show won’t set you in the red however, with premium seats at a very reasonable price.

This show is fun, frenetic and utterly enthralling! The children beamed from ear to ear from start to finish and so did my Mum and I. Looking around the theatre we were some of the only people who had children with us which I thought strange to begin with but afterwards I totally got! This is not a show FOR children, it’s one for everyone INCLUDING children which makes it the perfect family musical to catch this summer before it’s gone!

The costumes and set were so perfectly thought about to the point you soon forget you are watching real people and thoroughly believe their animal characters with the hedgehog costumes and Mr Badger’s wig being my favourites from the show. Set wise and my applause has to go to the rowing boat and river scenes. I’m sure that it’s all perfectly simple (as is always the most impressive) but visually it was a triumph. Oh and the music! Well, it’s pretty darn exciting as an enormous orchestra play in the pit just below the stage.

Great cast, amazing music, wonderful script… Breath-taking show!

If you’re looking for a family show which is just a cut above this holiday then this is the one for you. My only problem is that it’s for the summer season only – what a shame, it’s BRILLIANT!

To book tickets and for more information please see and do not book through third party sales offices which are charging extortionate prices (lining their own pockets and have nothing to do with the show)! I’m very passionate about theatre and feel super strongly that tickets must be booked directly with legitimate sales offices because otherwise everyone loses aside from the dastardly people on the make!

Ok rant over…

Just some little FYIs: Tickets start at £15, the running time is 2 hours and 30 minutes (including interval), matinee performances are Tuesdays & Saturdays at 2.30pm (extra Thursday Matinee performances on 3rd, 17th & 24th August) and evening performances run at 7pm on Mondays with Tuesday to Saturday performances at 7.30pm. Please note this show is also connected with the Kids Go Free incentive so do see the website for more information on this.


We were invited to see the show in return for an honest review.