Sweet Figgy Ginster Cocktail Recipe With 31Dover!

I’ve been at the gin cocktail making again and for this month have gone down a more Autumnal route as the weather is decidedly on the change and fresh produce is definitely moving from sunnier days into more brisk and crisp flavours. As per my wont the gin I’m using comes from 31 Dover, the online delivery booze place which comes up with the goods for the very next day and actually, at the moment has some pretty fantastic deals to be had on top of its already extremely fine service!

It’s lovely to drink something a little unusual and provide my friends (because let’s face it I’m still heavily pregnant so gin is out the window for me) with a drink a little out of the supermarket ordinary and this month I’ve been creating with their Pickering’s 1947 Gin, (£28.95).

I love the spicy and sweet flavour of this gin and have tried to compliment it with something which works well in front of those first evening fires as we head towards October Halloween parties and November bonfire nights but I still wanted to use something fruity to match the sunshine we are still gratefully experiencing late afternoon. Fresh figs are in abundance at the moment and though my tipples may come from 31Dover, I’ve been hitting the supermarkets for this rich seedy fruit which gives a very satisfying crunch as well as adding a real bonus to spices like cinnamon which can be found in the Pickering’s gin. Aldi had them on special offer last week at 45p for 4 which is an amazing price and they continue to be 85p for the same number going forwards which is still, it has to be said, fairly inexpensive for this particular fruit. I wouldn’t say they are QUITE as good as my ‘fig man’ in Portugal who sells massive bags outside his beach side farm for just 2 euros but with no trips to my lovely Portugal planned I am prepared to make do!

Hope you love my Sweet Fggy Ginster as much as me (this time next month I’ll even be able to enjoy a whole glass) and do, do, do pick up your bottles from 31Dover – you won’t be disappointed!


Pickering’s Gin, Handful of pistachio nuts, runny honey, fresh figs cut into quarters, lemonade


Muddle a fig quarter with a teaspoon of honey in the bottom of your glass before adding a measure of gin and topping with lemonade to taste. This is a really simple cocktail which relies on good ingredients to make it really stand out. The gin has to be Pickering’s and I recommend buying the most expensive and naturally flavoured lemonade as well as Manuka honey if possible.

Before creating your cocktails decorate the glasses by running the rim in honey and dipping it in smashed pistachio nuts which will give a little texture and crunch to the drink as you sip it as well as adding a nutty flavour to all the sweetness. You can decorate the glass with another quarter of a fig as well.

In collaboration with 31Dover.