Pregnancy Diary – 40 Weeks Pregnant!

Well there we are. 40 weeks pregnant. Couldn’t be more full term than that and yet still… NO baby!

Technically my due date is not until the day after tomorrow (5th October 2017) but having gone from believing the Doctors dates to be wrong and expecting this child to evict my body a good couple of week’s ago and knowing that by this amount of days pre due date with my other two and I had already given birth, it’s a little disheartening…

I am a very impatient person but I am also quite ridiculous as I hoped the baby wouldn’t come before this past weekend due to us being invited to a screening on the new Ninjago movie (Jinny’s fave) but now that it stayed put as I had told it to I am getting annoyed at the fact it hasn’t immediately made an appearance!

I am up in the night with the dreaded indigestion (thank you Gaviscon for always being there for me – apart from when some *twonk puts you away in the downstairs medicine cabinet and I need you when I am on the third floor in the loft) and also just can’t sleep due to being mega uncomfortable…

Still the same old ailments as in I can’t breathe when I lay down (BIT of a problem when you want to keep, you know, LIVING) and tiredness to end all tiredness but I know that it will all be over soon. It will all be over soon won’t it? I won’t be the only woman in the history known to man to be pregnant forever will I?!

Dramatics = A side effect of late pregnancy. 

We have pretty much everything in place now. The nursery is a breath away from being finished with just the curtains to go up, the garage is about to be converted into a music studio for Jonny (his previous space was the baby’s room), clothing is down from the loft and being sorted into girl/boy/neutral as well as being washed (thanks Mum) and I’m sure we will wing everything else… we just need that baby out now!

This is a snow suit my Grandma bought for Florence before she passed away. She never met her but this snow suit was put on Florence and worn with love just as it was for Jimmy and this baby is going to be all snuggly inside it too. We will think of my lovely Grandma when this is worn and hopefully she will know…

I am looking enormous, feeling it too and I am also rather disgruntled by the fact I basically ate nothing for the first half of this pregnancy yet have put on the same amount of weight as I did with the other two when I ate everything in sight. That doesn’t seem very fair to me, to have what must be my natural full term pregnancy weight regardless; I feel like I may just as well have eaten all the crap for the last 20 weeks when instead I was being quite careful and well behaved as well as swimming half a kilometer three times a week. I’m still doing that and I see the fear on the faces of the men who work in my gym every time I go in… I can literally read their mind as they watch me plunge into the pool and shield themselves as half the water jumps out as I go in!

‘Don’t let her waters break in there… Please don’t let her waters break in there…’

Well matey… If they do would we EVER know?! Ha ha ha ha ha…

Here I am in all my bumpy full term glory – sparkly and fierce and very, very grumpy!

*That twonk was me by the way!

Pregnancy best bits from the kids this week:


As long as it doesn’t come out before the Ninjago thing we’re going to then I’m ok. It won’t come out before then will it Mummy? – Noooooooo – (I hoped – phew, we made it and I didn’t have to explain Mummy’s potential white lie status over this one!) 


Is the baby coming now? – Not now. – How about now? – No, not yet. – When will it come? – I’m not sure but definitely soon! – How about now No, still not yet. (and repeat pretty much on a loop)!