Tesco Valentine Supper For £20!

It’s become quite popular for supermarkets to offer special meal deals for their finest food which has already been prepared for you. Tesco do a brilliant one which costs a tenner when its just a normal day which I think is pretty good value! I’m no cook so that seems like a perfectly reasonable idea to me! If you buy ingredients to make the dishes offered then you’d end up spending way more than a tenner! You usually get a bottle of wine to go with it and let’s face it, that would usually be most of the price!

At Valentines Day Tesco are doing something a little bit extra special for their deal and for £20 you can choose two main courses, two side dishes, two deserts and either a bottle of fizz or wine, or, instead of a drink how about a box of finest Belgian chocolates?

Choose from a special Valentines A La Carte menu and indulge in some yummy food at home for a very good price indeed!

I’ve had ‘Finest’ meal deals in the past and they’ve always been yum so can’t wait to try the new A La Carte menu this Valentines Day!

Finest Meal

Some of the Valentines meal deal options at Tesco!

Lovely food,lovely price (the savings are anywhere between £10.99 and £18.49 off the cost of meals bought separately), little fuss and all at home! Brilliant!

I was sent some vouchers to buy the food mentioned in return for an honest review.

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