What to Wear When You Go “Out Out”

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What to Wear When You Go “Out Out”

We’ve all been there: that special occasion or night out is slowly approaching, but a first glance at our wardrobe gives us instant anxiety. Now, we’re scrolling Boohoo and praying the next-day delivery service is available.

However, finding the ideal clothing for those going “out-out” events need not be difficult. The secret is to combine comfort with etiquette, whether you’re getting ready for a night on the town, a wedding, or a trip to the casino with pals.

Understanding the venue, the time of day, and the specific event requirements can significantly narrow your options. Remember, your attire reflects your style and respect for the event’s guidelines. To ensure your outfit is both stylish and practical, British residents particularly should take the weather into account. Ultimately, a well-chosen ensemble can boost your confidence and allow you to fully immerse yourself in the event, making a positive and lasting impression.

Consider the Occasion

Choosing the correct outfit for numerous events might be a problem. “Out Out”-Events range from formal to casual, each with particular fashion standards. Whether visiting a black-tie casino, a music festival, or a nightclub with pals, understanding how to match your attire to the event is crucial.

The Dress Code

Despite their seeming complex implications, dress standards are only rules. They make clear what is expected of you at an event, but most importantly, they do all the work for us. These rules prevent one from dressing too much or too little; they’re literal guides to helping select what to wear. 

  • Black Tie Dress Code: Long gowns, tuxedos, suits.
  • Cocktail Dress Code: include black suits and short, attractive outfits.
  • Smart/Casual Dress Code: Jeans, dresses, skirts, and blazers are all smart casual.
  • Casual Dress Code: Looks good and comfortable worn with shorts, jeans, or tees.

The aforementioned dress codes are the most commonly found when going “out-out”, and most establishments will give you one of these four. Night clubs, for example, will vary; if it’s on the fancy side, hunt for a smart/casual ensemble, but if you’re partying in Ibiza, expect a casual dress code, as nobody will judge you for wearing shorts or a crop top in 35-degree heat.

Again, it all stems back to the occasion, and more often than not, we overthink our outfits when the reality is that most nights, going “out-out” has already guided us to the correct outfit simply by recognising the occasion.

Another great example would be the high-class casino dress code, which combines black tie outfits for men and cocktail dresses for women. Of course, you’ll have to put some thought into it; unlike online slots to play for UK customers where we can literally sport our underwear on the sofa, but the versatility of a suit (men) or a simple black dress (women) can go a long way, even beyond the casino floor as these formal attires will come in handy on multiple occasions.

Personal Style Is Key

Personal style becomes apparent at social events. Wear what makes you feel like yourself while adhering to the event’s formality. A more restrained style is appropriate in professional settings. Keeping formality and comfort in harmony guarantees you will leave a lasting impression.

As previously mentioned, the classic suit or black dress are staples, and their versatility is handy for many events.

Dressing nicely involves more than simply owning fashionable items. The secret is to choose the ideal combination of outfits for any occasion. Consider your wardrobe to be social armour. It can be consoling and help convey your character.


Suits are exceedingly adaptable. They are not only the ideal office-to-party staple but also lend themselves to any occasion, including weddings and business dinners. A black tuxedo should be a permanent fixture in our attire.

The Black Dress

Coco Chanel introduced the little black dress to the public in the 1920s, and Hubert de Givenchy’s creation for Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s in the 1960s propelled it to iconic status. Since then, the little black dress has continued to thrive. This season, it is anything but a “boring” or “safe” option. It is replete with attitude, featuring shirring, cutouts, and transparent details. In addition, silk slip dresses are consistently a sophisticated choice.

However, not every occasion requires the elegance of a black dress or suit, and several versatile fits can cover several nights out.

Versatility for Many Occasions

Visualise a closet that contains attire suitable for any occasion. Classic blue denim, a little pencil skirt, and a crisp white shirt are essential. These present a blank canvas, allowing you to dress them up or down.

  • White trainers are always in style, casual and clean.
  • Blazers: Enhances the appeal of a dress or trousers.
  • Neutral t-shirts are ideal for wearing alone or as a layering piece.
  • The pencil skirt is a preferred choice for banquets or interviews.
  • A leather jacket adds a sharp edge to any ensemble.

Seasonal and Weather Considerations

The ever-changing fashion landscape can be akin to navigating a labyrinth, especially when dressing for various occasions. Balancing the most recent fashion trends and the seasonal weather requirements is important.

Outfit selections should harmonise with the weather conditions to ensure they are both comfortable and appropriate. The following is a straightforward guide to assist you:

  • Spring: Incorporate mid-weight jackets with florals and pastels.
  • Autumn: Light jumpers and denim in earthy colours like beige, green, and brown work excellently.
  • Summer: Sun hats complemented by light fabrics, loose shapes, and vibrant colours. Two-piece shorts/ t-shirt combos are incredibly comfortable and fashionable choices for men. 
  • Winter: To protect against the chill, knitted and woollen fabrics are key, and scarves are also a recommended and stylish choice.


Visualise your attire as a canvas, with accessories serving as the paint. With the addition of the appropriate amount of texture and colour, your appearance can be elevated from understated to extraordinary. The proper accessories will enhance your style, regardless of whether you prepare for a formal event or a night on the town.

First, consider the event. For a fancy occasion, wear diamonds; for a club night, wear a gold chain or watch. Then consider the colours. Gold looks great in warmer colours, while silver may go well in cooler tones. Most importantly, add your style. Bold accessories can make a statement, and elegant items give a subtle touch.

Many times, simplicity is telling. Enough can be a single necklace or a set of cufflinks. While accessorising excessively is enticing, moderation exudes refinement. Select simple accessories for busy patterns or adorned ensembles, while bold pieces can be added with greater freedom when you wear solids or simple patterns.

Final Thoughts Before You Step Out of the House

  • Pick breathable textiles.
  • Select styles that work with your body shape.
  • Invest in fitted clothing.
  • Add purposeful accessories.
  • If you plan to dance, choose suitable footwear.
  • Check that patterns and colours suit the occasion.
  • Research the dress code for added assistance.
  • And remember, you don’t have to give up elegance for comfort; outfit choices made well will provide both.

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