Winter Holidays In Spain With Kids!

Winter Holidays In Spain With Kids!

Travelling with children isn’t always easy so choosing the right destination is key. It’s got to work for the adults and the children in harmony and that’s why I’d always opt for a family holiday in Spain over any other while my kids are little. The ease of a short flight coupled with a country where I feel comfortable, staying in resorts which work for us as a family have always come easily when choosing Spain and, more specifically, Spanish islands. Here’s where I love to go with my family:


This summer we opted for a big extended family and friends holiday in Adeji, Tenerife and decided there and then we’d like to come back in the winter. A four and a half hour flight from our airport in Norwich means that door to door that extra couple of hours on a plane doesn’t matter when you fly from the city you live in and once there the temperature is likely to be in the mid-twenties. It was roasting hot in the summer and we feel the winter sun would be more in keeping with the age of our smaller children. I know the Canaries very well having lived and worked in Fuertaventura as an entertainment rep when I was 19 and though Fuerta has more sandy beaches than Tenerife, for us this didn’t matter. The volcanic sand is a great way to teach children something new and cpouple with Siam Park being on the doorstep of whichever resort you’re staying in (the island is a relatively small one) then you’ll be flavour of the month with your little ones when you spend the day visiting!


Lanzarote is another fab Canarian destination with a smaller vibe than its sister Gran Canaria and brother Fuerta. Diving is very popular in Lanzarote and taking a catamaran cruise to island hop is often on the agenda. A quieter pace of life can be found here with otherworldly volcanic landscapes. As with all Canarian Islands, it’s really popular for older kids and adults to sky dive from the top of volcanoes and take in the views.


Moving away from the Canaries I think I’d have to say my favourite destination for taking the family, in winter or summer, is Majorca. With a flight that takes just a little over two hours travelling to Majorca couldn’t be easier and with a very pleasant winter sun temperature of around 20 degrees once there it’s perhaps the easiest holiday you can have with little ones. Tourist fodder is on offer all year round including the aqua parks and long, sandy beaches while in the winter you will also get a more Majorcan flavour of life for its residents. Pools are usually kept heated in winter making them inviting and while neighbouring Menorca closes down entirely for the winter, Majorca is always abuzz with movers and shakers as well as families seeking sunshine and fun. When I think of an easy holiday it’s always Majorca I turn to with its exquisite cuisine and beautiful vistas. My favourite resort for holidays with the children in Majorca is Sa Coma with it’s huge white sandy beach and a visit to the Caves of Drach is an absolute must with it’s jaw dropping scenery as you travel through on boat! Pollenca is also a vibrant town to visit in the day time or the evening with a beautiful square which is always full of life and buzzing with foodies delights and music! Mallorca is about the easy life and that’s what holidays are all about!


Another easy life pace can be found in what a lot of people only think of as the party capital of the Balaerics, Ibiza. Little known to some is that though the bright lights of San Antonio are there year round there are other big cities in Ibiza like Santa Eulalia which is dripping in gorgeous vistas yet offers a quieter, more friendly edge for family vacations. I stayed here a few years ago and absolutely loved the vibe which felt so inviting for families with children of all ages (like mine) – a real hot spot with a glorious beach!

I don’t know about you but I’m thinking now that all I want for Christmas is spot of winter sun actually. My toes are frozen and oh how I’d love to be dipping them into the azure sea of a Majorcan beach! NO wonder people flock to the sun in the winter seeking out that much needed dose of vitamin C (and vitamin sea)! There’s nothing like a bit of winter sun to pick up the mood of the dreary, cold days this time of year and where better to make your destination than one of the Spanish islands!


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