Where To Get A Square Meal In Abu Dhabi!

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Where To Get A Square Meal In Abu Dhabi!

Joke: The people in Dubai don’t like the Flintstones but the people of Abu Dhabi do!

Abu Dhabi, rated the second most popular city in the UAE and actually, ranked as being the safest in the Middle East region means there’s plenty of reasons to choose it as a vay-cay destination! The Grand Prix was most recently held there inviting lots of tourists who also capitilised on the close proximity to Qatar enabling a Grand Prix breakfast with a football pudding after a short trip but there’s plenty more reasons to make Abu Dhabi your next holiday choice. From desert safaris to city tours with the most decadent of hotels to stay in while there but what might not immediately spring to mind is the incredible foodies experience which can be found in this hot spot of vibrant and sophisticated atmospheres. No wonder celebrities and Royalty are ditching neighbour Dubai in favour of a different flavour. So, talking about flavour… Where to eat when in Abu Dhabi?!

Square Meal UAE will help you decide where to go and enable you to make your bookings but here would be my top tips!

  1. Glow Poolside Sports Bar is situated inside the 4 star Marriott Hotel offering a mid-price dining experience alongside fantastic food and incredibly friendly staff who are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about the area. Fantastic views will see you taking in the delightful vista of the pool as you dine!
  2. Madang Korean Restaurant at the Al Ghazal Golf Club is famous for its fried chicken and kimchi pancakes which have rave reviews from all who try them. This is another restaurant with 5 star reviews but a mid price point (something not terribly common in the UAE)!
  3. Try Le Cafe at the Mandarin Oriental with its unique outdoor space which will allow you to take in stunning views of the city as you eat. The food is top dollar but worth it for the views alone – helps that the food is insanely good too!
  4. Indigo at the Beach Rotana will delight with its fine dining Indian cuisine. Twisting classic dishes for a contemporary flavour is what the chef does best at Indigo and visiting on special nights such as Diwali is a must when they go all out for fireworks and celebrations. A real spectacle to accompany great food and wine!
  5. If Italian food is your heaven then stop by Spaccanapoli at the Crown Plaza for your fix of pizza and pasta with so much more to the Italian boot! A benchmark for Italian food in Abu Dhabi you’d be disappointed to miss it!

Whether it’s Italian, Korean, British or otherwise, there’s something for everyone in Abu Dabi when it comes to dining out. If you have any other great recommendations please do let me know!


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