Wonderbly Personalised Books (For Grown Ups)!

Wonderbly Personalised Books (For Grown Ups)!

Wonderbly Peronsliased Books for children are very familiar to me. We have been luck enough to work with them on a gifted basis many times and are also customers having been introduced to the brand and now, their latest offering, invited grown ups into the fun too!

Raffie thoroughly enjoys his “Where Are You Raffie Knowles” book by Wonderbly which is a gorgeous book full of stories and fun with each chapter finishing with a “where are you page”. The book’s main character is a cartoonised version of himself and he just loves to read each chapter, or dip in and out, before finding himself on the following pages. It’s lots of fun not just for Raffie but the whole family and a book we can pick up, and put down as we do often!

What’s new and BRILLIANT is that now they make a grown ups version which is just as fun and with a similar style let’s the children get Daddy a present which is a book for him to find himself with the children in tow!

It’s not just a bit of fun (although it is that and the inscription can read anything you like as you personalise not just the character but the words in the intro too) but it’s a lovely book (as all Wonderbly books are) for the whole family to enjoy! Raffie is VERY excited about giving Daddy this gift so that they can have matching books this Christmas and I know the pair of them will enjoy looking at it together a lot!

The same format applies with difference scenarios “Daddy as a chef” for example and lots to read on these pages followed by the “finding yourself” page which we have joked he can do during the extensive time he spends on the toilet!

And the best bit (at this late stage in the Christmas game) is that you can still get yours personalised and delivered in time for Christmas! Order by the 18th and you can even choose the standard delivery to ensure this one is nestled under your Christmas tree by the 25th. We’ve ordered for friends too as it’s a lovely thing to have, shows a great deal of thought and is for those lovely ones you might just not know what toy buy for them but will end up with a winner in a Wonderbly! They make books for kids, siblings, families, grown ups, you name it and that’s not even mentioning that with Wonderbly the merit doesn’t end with the personalisation. They’re just not gimmicks, the books are awesome!


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