Winter Is Coming: Does Your Boiler Need Servicing?

Winter Is Coming: Does Your Boiler Need Servicing?

No hot shower to start the day? Do you have to boil the kettle before taking your bath? Your radiators don’t emit heat whenever the temperature drops? Now that winter is approaching, everyone needs a boiler that works properly.

Frequent boiler servicing is the only way to ensure the effectiveness of this important piece of equipment. Don’t let a lack of proper heating make you frantically search for a hot water bottle to warm your toes.

Do you belong to the group of people refusing to have their boiler examined annually? Most times, people tend to disregard servicing their boiler. They either overlook or tend to be too engaged to book an appointment while some people don’t deem a gas boiler service important. Servicing your boiler every year is imperative and is advantageous in various ways.

Here are the main reasons why you need to ensure your boiler is serviced this winter.

1. To Ensure Your Family is Safe and Warm

Are you aware that the Department of Health has confirmed that 4000 people are admitted into A&E annually due to carbon monoxide poisoning? The major cause of poisoning is a result of gas appliances such as boilers not being properly fitted or not adequately maintained.

One of the many benefits of servicing your boiler this winter is that the boiler will be subjected to an emissions check. This simply implies that the gas engineer will properly check if the boiler is leaking harmful gases like carbon monoxide that can be hazardous to you and those living on your property or not. 

Likewise, various safety checks will be carried out on your boiler to be certain that it has been properly fitted and is running optimally, giving you complete peace of mind.

2. Servicing Your Boiler Cuts Your Heating Bills

It is quite imperative to note that servicing your boiler will cost you some money, probably between £60 and £80. As stated earlier, you might be able to get it done at a lesser cost during the summer months and you could be lucky to get it done for free or get a big discount if you register for boiler cover.

Some people consider boiler servicing as an unnecessary expenditure but the truth of the matter is that it is beneficial in the long run as it helps to save money. You need to understand that consistently servicing your boiler will help to enhance its efficiency and dependability. As long as your boiler works effectively, you won’t have to pay a fortune for your heating and the more dependable it is, the longer the use.

3. Reduced Cost on Expensive Boiler Repairs

Boilers that are not frequently serviced are susceptible to going bad.

Although the boiler might have been used minimally during the summer months, there could be one or two hidden issues. It is expected but you won’t take note of them till you start using the boiler frequently in the winter and it could be too late then.

Regardless of how insignificant a boiler issue is, it will only escalate and also become more expensive to rectify if it is being overlooked. Carrying out a yearly service gives the gas engineer the chance to observe any minute issue and correct it before it worsens and causes significant damage to your boiler.

Now that you know the importance of getting your boiler serviced on an annual basis, are you wondering where to find reliable boiler services?

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