Wonderfold Wagons Hit The UK!

Wonderfold Wagons Hit The UK!

As invitees to the UK launch party for Wonderfold wagons last week, we felt very lucky indeed to be some of the first to see in person the folding wagons of festival dres which can carry up to four children on top of a wealth of STUFF!

Us attending the UK launch for Wonderfold wagons!

We very rarely go anywhere without our own wagon when tripping for the day as a family. I only use a buggy when I’m with Posie, for all other times it’s a wagon all the way. They are just SO handy! So easy to use, smaller than buggies when folded in the boot and as well as ferrying the babies, it carts our gubbins – winning! I particularly love my wagon for beach days as we all but take the kitchen sink with us when we go. I’m not even slightly kidding what with the stove for cooking bacon butties, Florence’s surf board, the buckets and spades, our UV protection tent and all the swimmers. How would I do it, especially on my own with the little ones, without? I have always thought however, that it would be a LOT safer were the children to be strapped in properly. Up and down bumps as they eat chips and I move them from promenade to sand and they do tend to fly about but… On we go!

Wagons all the way I say!

Now that’s my little wagon, and though it does get me from A to B, carries everything and the children, it is actually a camping wagon designed for lugging a tent, not really for seated children. But hey, I figured that nothing’s perfect… In step Wonderfold to prove my theory wrong!

Having a little seat in a Wonderfold X!

So, Wonderfold wagons are built on the utilitarian design of a regular old camping wagon like mine. They carry, they lug but… they also have seats! Not just for children either, one of the designs is solely for dogs and another a combo for kids and pets, how cool!

They have clever storage under seats and on the outside, shades to shelter from the sun (I’m also thinking roof rack for a surf board always wanting to utilise things one step further) and most importantly, straps! Children are seated safely with attention to how comfortably they ride as well as a seat which will look after them as you rough terrain. They fold, they work as a regular wagon but they just have that little bit more! I don’t know anyone with a wagon who doesn’t use it to ferry the children about in, but generally that’s not their intended purpose. These ones however, are built in the opposite direction, seats and children first, lugging the Mamma bag second. I love that!

Posie modelling in a W Series Luxe Sroller Wagon by Wonderfold!
Test drive – push!
Test drive – pull!

Wonderfold showcased a string of their wagons at the pop up festival they hosted for an in person look book to their collection. Some are so all singing and all dancing you’d not even need a hint of a buggy – Wonderfold could provide every need. Like I mentioned, dog wagons, child wagons and a combo if required was just the tip of the iceberg! I LOVED the VW collab where they’ve designed it to look exactly like a mini camper and yet as wonderful as that is, for my money I’d be opting for the 4 seater X Series. It’s one of their more simple designs and yet for my needs it would be perfect!

This is my choice I have to say!

Four seats because, why have 2 when you can have more (friends, extra space, you never know!)? And a fold so neat you’d barely notice it when not in use. Where my camping wagon falls short when it comes to transporting children (as it wasn’t ever intended to do so), the purpose built X Series picks up the baton beautifully!

If the canopy, the seats and the storage bag didn’t have it in the bag for me already, then the push/pull option would have sealed the deal! I love that it can be either or and the colour options work for a family too! Sapphire Navy would be my choice, less chance of marks being noticeable once it starts being used and having given it a test drive over stones I reckon it would be rather splendid on a pebbly beach – just up my street!

We LOVE our wagon on the beach!

The W series is pretty cool too with bigger, more substantial seating allowing for storage underneath. A very interesting brand to watch indeed – go follow them on Insta @Wonderfold.UK, they’re new to the UK but they will display their wares on the grid to aplomb. I look forward to seeing more soon, I know they will post all their news and how their wagons work in detail so bookmark them!

The party was ace, what an introduction leaving my appetite whetted and us champing at the bit to use one on the beach – and all our days out. What do you think? It’s a definite yes from me!

Thanks for having us Wonderfold, we loved the party and thoroughly enjoyed your gift of a day at Center Parcs, which, incidentally, is the very best backdrop to use for a wagon!


Professional photographs taken by Picween Photography.

I attended the press launch for Wonderfold in the UK.

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