Kiddicare Enfield!

Yesterday I was invited to come and visit the new Kiddicare Store in Enfield. It was my very first experience of Kiddicare having never before shopped there, either in-store or on-line. I’m not sure why really? It just wasn’t on my radar I guess. It is now! I couldn’t believe how amazing it is? They have literally one of everything you could possibly want for a baby or toddler. Under one roof! You can try before you buy, use one […]

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The Aldi Mamia Baby Event!

Last month I wrote about the fabulous introduction I had to the supermarket Aldi. I had a fab time with some other bloggers getting to know all about the brand, what they believe in, how they operate and their amazing money saving deals! One of the ranges they stock is, of course, their lovely ‘Mamia’ baby product range! We’ve tried their nappies and we like what we see! We’re going to be doing a whole months trial soon which we’re […]

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Foodies Festival Ticket Competition!

Last year Jonny, the children and I visited the Foodies Festival when it came to London. We had a beautiful day sitting in the sunshine trying new foods, attending work shops and having a glass of bubbly or two! It was a lovely family day out and I remember it as being one of the highlights of last summer! I was very keen then, to go back this year and delighted that I am going to be doing just that […]

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Want To Be An Official Ride Tester!

If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you’ll know how much I love a day out! I particularly like theme parks and one of the best ones we’ve been to is Paulton’s Park which is also home to Peppa Pig World! It was ages ago when Florence was tiny and I know she’d love and appreciate it even more now so we have plans to go back next month to co-incide with our holiday at Haven! I’ll let […]

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Summer City Tote From Summer Infant – A Review!

I would say that when it comes to bags I probably have a few too many! I know my husband definitely thinks so! I love them you see and can never quite bring myself to part with any old ones.Since having children I have extended my collection further still as I now have a nice little collection of baby changing bags too! But… Unlike my regular bags, I don’t keep them if they aren’t very good! You see a baby […]

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Lindam Extending Wooden Safety Gate – A Review!

We live in a Victorian terrace conversion. It’s beautiful but oddly shaped and our stair case is a bit tricky in lots of ways. It’s narrow and steep then at the top there is a small landing before one step up which leads to the bathroom, kitchen and our bedroom then round the other side another little trio of steps leads to the children’s bedroom and our living room. It’s fine but it does mean we have a few stair […]

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Lollibop Announces Line Up!

It’s true! The fabulous line up for the Lollibop Festival is in the midst of being announced on their Facebook page! For the past few days a new act has been let out of the bag and with a few more to come it’s definitely worth checking their page daily to be in the know before anyone else!! There’s more to come so do keep checking! And P.S, Early Bird tickets are still on sale by the way! I have […]

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Peaches And Pears With Prosciutto Di San Daniele And Grana Padano Cheese – Recipe!

I love Mediterranean food and fruit with cheese and cold meats is such a lovely combination! So summery and also, for the likes of me, so simple to create at home whilst still being impressive both aesthetically and to taste! I have a simply divine sounding recipe which is jsut perfect for a balmy summer night and hopefully we will be having a few of those soon! I can just imagine eating this on the decking with a glass of […]

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Donkey Jazzes Up For Summer!

Ok, I could wait no longer! I see the clouds in the sky and feel the chill in the air, the children and I are done up in cardigans and coats (admittedly lighter ones than a couple of months ago but still…) and I have the rain covers firmly stored under the buggy but it just had to be done! Le Donk has FINALLY been ‘jazzed up for summer‘! It’s a shame that the footmuff is still on, but actually, […]

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My Children Have My Independent Heart!

I’ve heard it said that when you have children it’s always like your heart can walk around independently of you. That about sums it up for me. I’ve never felt love like I feel for my children and it’s true, it does feel as though they are a part of me. They are my heart, my whole heart and when I’m not with them I worry terribly. I love my husband, my Mum and the rest of my family but […]

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