School Report!

We spent bank holiday weekend and a few more days at my Mum’s in Norfolk and in typical Mum style she had dug out a load of old bits and bobs for me to decide if I wanted to keep them or not. Nestling among the many piles of papers which included the screen play to Pretty Woman given to me by my best friend (kept) and a lot of old birthday cards (binned) I found an old school report […]

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Horrible Histories Launch Series 4 On DVD!

Around three years ago my little sister Phoebe, who was then 9, came to stay with us for a couple of days. I remember her watching the BBC programme Horrible Histories on the computer for absolutely ages and chuckling away. (Their site has games and programme information too.) She kept asking Jonny to come and see it, wanting to share the fun and he sat with her for ages watching episode after episode. Later on that day I said to him […]

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Crafty Glasses And Delicious Sparkling Wine!

I’m Going away for the night this weekend for a friend’s 40th birthday. We’re going to a spa hotel where as well as pampering, I intend to try and sleep as much as possible! There will also be alcohol! I’ve bought some sparkling wine from a friend who works at an independent wine merchants in Essex. He recommended NV Blanc De Blancs, Charles Pelletier and I know his recommendation will be perfect – we’ve drunk wine he’s recommended before! My […]

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Mole Removal – Healing Process In Pictures!

As you might know, I had two moles on my face removed last week at The Harley Street Dermatology Clinic with Dr Adam Friedmann. Dr Friedmann, a Consultant Dermatologist suggested that it may take between 7 and 10 days for the black marks left by quarterisation to fall off and for my face to start looking better again. I know it could take 6 months to heal completely and for the scars to be more unnoticeable but I am already, happy just one […]

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A Heinz ‘Grow Your Own’ Update!

  As you may know, we have been growing tomato seeds given to us by Heinz for their ‘Grow Your Own’ challenge! Anyone can join in, just apply to get some FREE seeds from the Heinz Facebook page and get planting! Share your pictures for the Greenhouse Photo Gallery, Attend the Tomato School, play the Tomato Game and read all about how Heinz grow theirs, as well as getting some tips and tricks for growing yours! Heinz grow their own varieties for their […]

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Fashion With My Nikon D3200!

I use my new Nikon D3200 for most of the photographs on my blog these days. Mainly because I find it very easy to use now that I have been on my course but also because the picture quality is out of this world! I won’t say I’m 100% proficient in using it yet, far from it, I’ve lots to learn but the course I took with Nikon helped unlock the language for me and I’m doing much better I […]

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Graduate Fashion Week Winner Designs Collection For George!

I love clothes and fashion and I especially enjoy buying lovely things for the children to wear. There’s so much choice on the high street these days and something which accommodates every purse, you can even buy not just clothes, but lovely clothes in supermarkets. I myself have noticed that the majority of clothing I wear these days comes from purchases made whilst doing my grocery shopping and it’s not just because the price is right, that’s merely a bonus, it’s […]

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