ZenBev – A Natural Sleep Aid Drink!

A few weeks ago I wrote about  Zenbev, a natural sleep aid drink. It tasted really nice (I tried it in chocolate flavour) and it did feel relaxing to have a warm drink to send me off to sleep but I only tried it for one night. Really, to be able to write a proper review, I thought it should be tested properly over a couple of weeks. The problem is that when I need help getting to sleep it’s in […]

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Be Who You Want To Be!

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I already have my suspicions for what my children may want to be when they grow up. They come from performing genes and already, even Jimmy, show potential for music and dance and dramatics… Florence is an absolutely fabulous little actress already and obviously I love this but whatever they want to be I will support them. If they wanted to work in a fast food joint I might try and persuade […]

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Holiday Preparations And Saving Money!

We’re going off on holiday for a long weekend and I’ve been busy trying to think of everything we need to take with us. As we’re self catering in this country I’m going to take a bit of food with us, breakfast cereal, tea bags and the like, just to save a bit of money. I think we’ll eat out in the evenings though, I mean we are on holiday after all! By the same token, eating out is a […]

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Arbonne – Calm Soothing Facial Serum!

I am the sort of person who doesn’t part with money easily. There are few things that I will spend lots of money on and would far rather be getting the bargain of the century on most of my purchases than buying a branded name! Things I do splash out on and think it’s worth it for are buggies and skin care – for those two things I open my purse very wide indeed! I recently went to a celebrity […]

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WIN CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY GOODIES TO CELEBRATE THE OPENING OF THE SPECTACULAR NEW MUSICAL! I have very special memories of my Daddy reading me bed time stories when I was a child and the books that stick out in my memory are of course, as I am sure is the same with most children from my generation and beyond, by the author Roald Dahl! My Father read me all of them I think and I have a memory […]

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East Coast Nursery – Folding Wooden Highchair!

When I was pregnant with Florence I decided that I wanted a wooden high chair. I had no idea when or if I would even need a high chair but I knew that it was going to be wooden and despite not having a clue about anything baby I bought one. Just another item in a long list of things I thought I needed but didn’t know for sure? Some of the things, I have to say, were a complete […]

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Kitchen Nomad – How Exciting!

When we went to the Foodies Festival a couple of weeks ago we discovered this new company called Kitchen Nomad. It’s basically a company which sends out different food boxes each month filled to the brim with delicious treats, recipe ideas from chefs and interesting information about the food in the box and where it comes from. Every month the theme of the box is chosen by a country and it’s a simple, fun and interesting way of eating your […]

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Birds Eye – Food For Thought!

We’ve been doing some reviewing for Birds Eye and are trying some of their new yummy products at the moment! I particularly liked the sound of the rice infusions and the baked fish! I love how fish and vegetables don’t lose any of their goodness or taste when frozen! Birds Eye Rice Fusions are a delicious combination long grain rice, vegetables, herbs and spices, Birds Eye Rice Fusions contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and they cook in the […]

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We’ve just found out some super exciting news and I couldn’t wait to share it! This year at the Lollibop Festival someone VERY SPECIAL has just been confirmed for the line up! Drum roll pleas… None other than the wonderful Justin Fletcher is going to be a part of the big bash for little people! He’s only there on the Saturday and Sunday which means, blub, we won’t get to see him as we are planning on a Friday visit. […]

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Nostalgic Gardening With Grandparents! (#KidsGrowWild Challenge)

My beloved Grandpa was a keen gardener and I remember as a child being in his garden with him and him allowing me to water the flowers and help him potter. We haven’t until recently, had any outdoor space of our own so all of Florence and Jimmy’s gardening experiences have been in my Mum’s wonderful garden with her and as if like a tradition in our family, Florence now helps my Mum water her flowers. She loves nothing more […]

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