East Coast Nursery – Folding Wooden Highchair!

When I was pregnant with Florence I decided that I wanted a wooden high chair. I had no idea when or if I would even need a high chair but I knew that it was going to be wooden and despite not having a clue about anything baby I bought one. Just another item in a long list of things I thought I needed but didn’t know for sure? Some of the things, I have to say, were a complete waste of money and I never used them. Nappy bins and other things slowly got put in the loft when we realised they had dust on them but the thing I used every day from when Florence was about 6 months old, despite her never really eating much, was her folding wooden high chair from East Coast Nursery and she continues to use it today! These days for craft as well as eating and not with the tray over her but just as a seat to be high enough to reach the table in and it’s fab. I’ve really like the way it looks and the way it folds up neatly to store, it’s been brilliant in our small flat. I had thought I could use it for Jimmy too, it’s wooden so will remain looking good for forever but, as I mentioned, Florence still uses her chair so we needed a new one for Jimmy!

High Chair

I decided that despite loving the East Coast Nursery high chair we should just buy as cheap a high chair as possible for Jimmy as I thought we could use Florence’s soon but she is very reluctant to let Jimmy sit in her seat when she wants to use it and cheap high chairs take up lots of room. Florence’s high chair folds super flat and tucks in a nice little space between the toy box and the wall. Basic high chairs mostly seem to have to stand up all the time and get in the way! Buying a basic high chair I think, is a bit of a false economy. So… I asked a lovely PR lady I work with if she had any really good folding high chairs I could review…

At the time I hadn’t really realised the make of Florence’s high chair. I just hadn’t really looked. It was a long time ago when I was pregnant with Florence that we bought it and I guess I hadn’t taken in the make. The PR lady I know said ‘Oh yes, would you like to review this one, it folds really flat and will store easily’. I thought, that looks a bit like Florence’s, I do hope it’s as good and said yes please…

When it arrived, I checked the make of Florence’s high chair and lo and behold, it IS the exact same one… But in a different colour! Amazing! This is the high chair I wanted but hadn’t bought because I thought Florence would grow out of hers! She hasn’t and we’ve missed not having two of them – couldn’t have been more perfect then! Plus you know, when I am recommending this product, I have bought one myself and STILL use it over three years later…

I absolutely love this folding wooden highchair because not only is is aesthetically pleasing and wooden, two of the criteria I set for a high chair whilst being first time pregnant but it folds super flat and stores effortlessly. It’s also really easy to wipe clean and doesn’t have masses of nooks and crannies for bits of food to find their way to! Yuck! Another cleaning bonus is that you can unscrew the 5 point harness and bung it in the washing machine!

East Coast Nursery Folding Wooden Highchair
Jimmy enjoying lunch in his highchair!

For me the storage, look and cleaning aspect is the most important but this high chair has many more attributes. It’s the perfect height for sitting and feeding comfortably, has a nice wide seat which is cosy with a liner for a smaller baby and yet will allow your baby to grow. You could easily remove the tray for later on when the child is older and is using it as just a chair but I’ve found there’s no need really as the tray flips right over and sits neatly behind. The fact that it will last a little one right up until they are old enough for a proper dining chair has got to be the clincher! A great chair that’s a great buy I’d say!

In my experience East Coast Nursery products are utterly gorgeous so it’s not surprising that they make such a beautiful, long lasting and useful highchair.

East Coat Nursery products can be found in a range of retailers, for more information please see www.eastcoastnursery.co.uk.

I have not been paid to write this post but I was sent the white version of the folding wooden highchair for the purpose of review. I bought the plain wooden version myself.