ZenBev – A Natural Sleep Aid Drink!

A few weeks ago I wrote about  Zenbev, a natural sleep aid drink. It tasted really nice (I tried it in chocolate flavour) and it did feel relaxing to have a warm drink to send me off to sleep but I only tried it for one night. Really, to be able to write a proper review, I thought it should be tested properly over a couple of weeks. The problem is that when I need help getting to sleep it’s in the middle of the night or early hours of the morning when I’ve been woken up for a feed and can’t drift off again. I think something like is best suited to someone who struggles with sleep in general and can take it just before bed so I recruited my Dad, a notoriously bad sleeper, to do the testing for me.

Zenbev say if you don’t want a drink you can mix it with apple sauce and eat it but I think my Dad preferred the idea of having it as a drink. He was given a box of the lemon flavour natural sleep aid and this is what he found:

After ten days taking the drink half an hour before going to bed, I report:

  • I felt it was easier to go off to sleep and was more relaxed
  • It didn’t altogether break my pattern of sleeping, which is quite intermittent, so I did         wake initially around 3.00am then around 5.00am
  • My period awake at around 3.00am was much shorter
  • I am told that my depth of sleep when I am asleep is much heavier – difficult to       rouse me
  • Rather have the feeling I should go on longer to see what happens.

The box he has is 25g and is still going strong so I will report again if he has more good sleep news as a result of using ZenBev!


For more information on Zenbev please see their website www.zenbev.co.uk.

I have not been paid to write this post but I was sent a 25g sample for the purpose of review.